What are the requirements to apply for a loan? That is usually one of the great doubts among those who are in the situation of requesting personal financing. And in addition, that is also one of the points that mark the difference between traditional bank loans and current online mini- loans. In this article, we review all of them, with special emphasis on the advantages of The Schneider loans with respect to the rest of the products. Find your perfect bad credit loan online today The time has changed. And the possibilities of enjoying personal financing have been greatly expanded. The ‘fault’ of this isRead More →

  Do you borrow too low an income for money from regular lenders? Perhaps there is another form of borrowing for which you are eligible! Many providers have tightened their conditions for borrowing since the economic crisis. So you often have to have certain papers, undergo a check or justify why you want to borrow exactly. This does not always make it possible to borrow money. For example, if you have a fairly low income. It is therefore important to choose a good loan provider and to be well informed about the conditions. There are often opportunities to borrow, even if you have a lowerRead More →

In fine is a Latin expression that means “at the end”. A credit in fine is a loan whose borrowed capital is to be repaid in full at one time. Only interest is to be repaid monthly throughout the credit. This type of credit is offered to individuals wishing to finance a rental investment. They benefit from a tax benefit and can deduct the interest paid from their rental income. More on In fine The credit in fine is a real estate loan whose only interest is to be repaid during the whole duration of the credit. The entire borrowed capital is then repaid atRead More →

Peer to peer lending or Robinson Crusoe is developing strongly, especially since the implementation of the regulation on 1 October 2014. Very few platforms are currently in operation but others are only waiting for their approval as intermediary in crowdfunding. start. We chose to compare the conditions of these loan platforms according to 5 criteria. Compare Robinson Crusoe platforms And find the financing adapted to your project Criteria for Comparing Crowdfunding Platforms by Loan As the sector is still recent, we have not based our comparative analysis on the number of lenders, or the projects already carried out as proposed in our article on theRead More →

The technological platform that connects people with an excellent credit history and who have sufficient payment capacity to pay credit, with people who want to lend their money. The interesting thing is that the loan applicants pay their loans at fair interest, and not the excessive interest they pay with the traditional institutions, and in turn, the lenders obtain high returns at low risk and help other people to meet their goals. For this reason, we call them “Premium Loans” and here we tell you the advantages of being a candidate for these loans online. The best interest rates: you can get a minimum interestRead More →

The precursor of the Robinson Crusoe in France, Unilend , declared his cessation of payment at the end of September according to a more than insistent rumor. In the absence of a buyer, the platform would therefore be waiting for a decision of the commercial court placing it in liquidation. This announcement would not be surprising considering the low amounts collected by the platform for several months.First of all, it reminds me of one of my 1st articles entitled ISODEV’s Death will it serve as an example to platforms?  I have the good impression that NO! The Commercial Court of PARIS, pronounced, on the 17/10/2018,Read More →