The platform is in cessation of payment

The precursor of the Robinson Crusoe in France, Unilend , declared his cessation of payment at the end of September according to a more than insistent rumor. In the absence of a buyer, the platform would therefore be waiting for a decision of the commercial court placing it in liquidation. This announcement would not be surprising considering the low amounts collected by the platform for several months.
First of all, it reminds me of one of my 1st articles entitled ISODEV’s Death will it serve as an example to platforms?  I have the good impression that NO!

The Commercial Court of PARIS, pronounced, on the 17/10/2018, the opening of the judicial liquidation under the number P201802566, date of cessation of payments on 03/10/2018, and designated: judge M Olivier Castello liquidator SELARL FIDES in the person of Me Pablo Castanon 5 rue de Palestro 75002 Paris, statements of receivables are to be filed with the liquidator within two months of publication in the bodacc

What will become of the current loans?

What will become of the current loans?


According to the statistics page of the platform, the loans remaining to be repaid represent nearly 12 million euros and one can only wonder if the borrowers will continue to repay!

For the first time in France, a platform will end its activity, without subsequent management of loans by another player . Recall that the last platform that ended its activities, namely Finsquare had been taken over. Let us also remember that Lendix had to put the package to recover all loans overdue, they must also bite their fingers! And lenders can thank them on this point!

Even if the regulation provides a continuity clause with the payment provider, who will ensure the recovery? We have regularly asked these questions on the forum and we will unfortunately be able to answer them soon …

So is there a market in France?

So is there a market in France?


The last barometer showed a slight increase in the amounts financed on the platforms. With this bad news, we can therefore wonder if there really is a market in France.

Indeed, Unilend was the first platform to launch. It had also managed to raise several times money, namely € 8 million in 2015, then € 2.5 million from New Alpha in 2016, a total of € 10.5 million, placing it among the best capitalized platforms.




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