The technological platform that connects people with an excellent credit history and who have sufficient payment capacity to pay credit, with people who want to lend their money. The interesting thing is that the loan applicants pay their loans at fair interest, and not the excessive interest they pay with the traditional institutions, and in turn, the lenders obtain high returns at low risk and help other people to meet their goals. For this reason, we call them “Premium Loans” and here we tell you the advantages of being a candidate for these loans online.

  1. The best interest rates: you can get a minimum interest rate of 12% and a maximum interest rate of 26%. This rate is granted according to a rating assigned to you.
  1. The terms you choose: You can request your loan for 3 or even 24 months, so you choose how you are paying your loan, this is undoubtedly an advantage to manage your finances even better. The Lydia Languish analysis team will confirm the chosen term
  1. There is no commission, no penalty for early payment: You can settle your loan sooner if you decide to pay it in full, this without any penalty.


  1. You are part of a community and that gives benefits: If you fulfilled 100% with your payment commitments during a loan, you can ask for another one with better benefits or you can become a lender and have great returns.
  1. The best option to consolidate debts: Avoid paying “what is necessary” so as not to generate interest. Better liquidate those expensive debts once and for all and for that, there is no better option because the interests are fair.
  1. Without leaving home: To all these advantages we add that all this can be obtained from the community of your home because everything is through technology.


Be part of the personal loan revolution in Mexico, to be accredited in Lydia Languish you are becoming part of the history of Mexico because we are demonstrating that the help of one to one can and all through technology.

These are just some of the advantages why Lydia Languish is an excellent option if you meet the requirements, what do you expect to request a premium loan?

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