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12 bands who took a break – Billboard


There’s nothing like a band. Whether they have two members, seven members or more, music groups provide a shining example of how the creative process can be collaborative. While some groups were formed by childhood friends and others were assembled on talent competition shows such as The X Factorthey all bring to the stage a multitude of personalities and talents.

It’s a story as old as time with a cultural heritage that spans from The Jackson 5 and The Beatles to BLACKPINK and Imagine Dragons. Fans can latch on to their favorite individual member and join the group on a journey that may include leaving or replacing members. Favoritism and friendly competition in bands adds a dynamic to the fan-artist relationship that doesn’t necessarily exist with solo stars. Fans may line up with certain members based on their individual talent, good looks, or charm, but ultimately it all comes back and builds love for the group as a whole.

However, there comes a point in many bands’ lives when things come to a (temporary) end. Call it a break or call it a break, it’s not uncommon to see band members take time out to focus on solo endeavors or other projects outside of the band’s boundaries. origin. Sometimes those breakups result in the emergence of a big-name solo star like Beyoncé or Harry Styles. Other times, the break never quite ends.

From Destiny’s Child to BTS, here’s a list of music groups that have announced hiatuses, temporary or otherwise.