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26-year-old ‘Cuban Cowboy’ scores a spot on Team Camila Cabello with Luke Combs cover on ‘The Voice’


Orlando Mendez26-year-old man from Miami, Florida showcased his country hits on NBC The voice with a blind audition that earned an impressive four-chair round.

Nicknamed the ‘Cuban Cowboy,’ Mendez took the stage to perform ‘Luke Combs’Beer never broke my heart.”

Her impressive voice caught the attention of the four coaches, Camila Cabello, Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton and John Legend.

The Miami native had a tough decision to make and every coach tried to coerce him into joining their team.

Shelton was the first.

“Orlando, my name is Blake Shelton and I’m from Ada, Oklahoma. I’m an eight-time Voice winner, member of the Grand Ole Opry and CMA Entertainer Of The Year, but I’m not from Miami,” he said. he said, laughing.

Cabello, who is also from Miami, chimed in and started joking with Shelton.

“So country music is your thing?” Shelton asked, to which Mendez replied, “Country music is my passion. I listen to your songs since I was a child, but I come from Cuban origin.

“Aw cute,” Stefani gushed.

The “No Body” singer went on to tell Mendez, “I’ve been doing this for a long time on this show. Some will say it’s too long, others will say I’m just getting started. I’m a country artist and that’s all I ever wanted to be. Personally I like to be put in a box, do you feel the same about your direction and do you want to be stubborn like me so I’m the coach for you mate.

First-time coach Cabello has been doing his best to recruit the country who hopes to join the Camila team.

“Orlando, I turned around first because something I was really looking for was someone with a really special tone that I can hear on the radio,” she explained. “You said ‘you know what I’m Cuban about and that’s the kind of music that inspires me.’ You know the kind of artist you want to be and I would just like to help you on this journey. I like things that make me feel, and your voice made me feel today and I would love to be your coach.

Stefani, who recently made her Grand Ole Opry stage debut alongside Shelton, tried to use her national credibility to convince him to join her team.

“I’m basically country now as well as I became country,” she proclaimed.

“As the performance went on, you got better and better once you saw everyone turn around, your star came out and I could just see how excited you were…Like I am here in front of Blake Shelton, one of the greatest country singers of all time in the whole world,” she added. “Blake is amazing, but I would love to be your coach and outside of the genre, let’s talk about the show. It’s a lot of pressure, connecting with the camera and the nerves, I could really help you with that and I would love to be your coach.

Cabello added, “I was actually on a singing competition show and you know what if you want to make a cool, unpredictable pick, I think you should be on my team.”

Before Mendez made his decision, Legend took the opportunity to speak.

“One of the things that caught my eye is that you wanted to make an unpredictable choice today, you could predictably choose this very cluttered campaign box that Blake is trying to cram you into,” he said. . “You could go with someone because he’s from your hometown. Also, you can go with someone who is married to a country star and has #1 country hits or you can do something no one would expect and choose the Legend team.

Eventually, Mendez chose Cabello as his coach.

“Camila, let’s do this thing!” Mendez shouted.

Cabello, who went to the same high school as Mendez, was thrilled to welcome a country artist to her team.

“I’m really excited to have Orlando. He has a gift with that tone of voice. It was really exciting to win a country artist, especially on Blake,” she said. “I feel good. Let’s represent us and let’s do it your way.

NBC The voice Season 22 premiered on Monday, September 19.

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