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A lone bagpiper plays a poignant lament as the Queen’s coffin leaves Westminster Abbey


September 20, 2022, 10:48 | Updated: September 20, 2022, 11:16

Pipe Major Paul Burns of the Royal Regiment of Scotland plays the State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey.

Photo: Aliyah

The Queen’s piper paid us one of the most moving tributes at Monday’s funeral at Westminster Abbey.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has always loved the bagpipes, which led to one of the most emotional moments at Monday’s funeral.

Pipe Major Paul Burns, the Sovereign’s Piper of the Royal Regiment of Scotland at the time of his death, performed the traditional ‘Sleep, dearie, sleep’ lament as the congregation stood at the end of the service at Westminster Abbey in London.

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As a young girl, Princess Elizabeth would watch bagpipe players play as a young girl on visits to Scotland. After becoming queen, she employed a piper so she could hear their sound daily within the royal household. Queen Elizabeth II loved to hear the piper play outside her window, where he played for 15 minutes each morning.

Bagpipes and Scottish melodies played an important role during his funeral, processions and burial service, the details of which had been planned by the late monarch.

A lone Piper also took part in the service of prayer and reflection for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at St Paul’s Cathedral in London on Friday September 9.

The role of Sovereign Piper was created in 1843 by Queen Victoria and is considered one of the most prestigious in the Armed Forces.

The Sovereign’s Piper performed for Queen Elizabeth II for the last time as her coffin was lowered during the Committal Service at St George’s Chapel, Windsor. It was the music that was with her until the end.