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“Agatha All Along” Songwriters Won Big for this Disney Animated Film


At the Creative Arts Emmy Awards on September 12, WandaVisionThe song “Agatha All Along” won the award for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics. The song appeared in Episode 7, “Breaking the Fourth Wall,” but actress Kathryn Hahn knew the song from the start. This is what prompted her to sign up to play Agatha in the first place. After its premiere in the Marvel / Disney + series, “Agatha All Along” went viral and landed on the iTunes charts. However, just like Hahn, we knew the song would be a hit from the start because some successful songwriters wrote it; husband and wife Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez.

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The Lopezes won big for ‘Frozen’

If you thought “Agatha All Along” was catchy, wait until you hear the other Lopezes songs. The husband and wife songwriter duo wrote Frozen‘s “Let it go.” Yes, they know how to write catchy songs.

After meeting in 1999, the Lopezes became one of the most successful songwriters and lyricists, working first on musicals. Anderson-Lopez is the co-creator of the musical In transit, while her husband co-created The Book of Mormon and Avenue Q.

In 2013 they wrote all of Disney’s songs Frozen, which, of course, included “Let it Go”. Disney basically told them to write a song that would last “hundreds of years,” Anderson-Lopez said Billboard. Going to Disney parks helped them write because it immersed them in Disney melodies.

However, it was a challenge. The Lopez would write “a sermon on the world,” but the music often ended up on the floor of the editing room. When Disney changed Elsa and Anna’s identities, the Lopezes had to write a song that would describe if it was like Elsa became the Snow Queen. They imagined how things would have turned out if certain things in their life hadn’t ended up happening. “Let it Go” was the end product.

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Anderson-Lopez says some of Disney’s best songwriters draw inspiration from their own lives. It turned out to be a great method. “Let it Go” won an Oscar for Best Original Song as well as a Grammy. The Frozen the soundtrack also won a Grammy. The couple later won a second Oscar for coco‘s “Remember me.”

Anderson-Lopezes is almost an EGOT

After winning for Frozen, Lopez became an EGOT (winner of Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony). But when the couple won for coco, he became the very first EGOT double.

At the time, Variety reported that Lopez became a double EGOT with two Oscars (for “Let It Go” and “Remember Me”), two Daytime Emmys (for songs from the children’s TV series Pets), three Tonys (note for Avenue Q, reserve and mark for Book of Mormon) and three Grammys (two for Frozen and one for Book of Mormon). When Lopez first became an EGOT, he was also the youngest person to do so.

After winning for “Agatha All Along”, Anderson-Lopez is at a price to join her husband in the showbiz club. All she needs is a Tony, so the couple better get to Broadway to write an award-winning musical. Backstage at the Creative Arts Emmys, Anderson-Lopez joked that she had an EGO.

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How did the Lopez write “Agatha All Along”?

When the Lopez sat down to write “Agatha All Along” for WandaVision, they did not tap into their own life. Theme songs from two classic sitcoms, The Munsters and The Addams Family inspired them.

“We started with a different idea for a version of the song closer to ‘That Girl,’ Lopez told the New York Times. “But it wasn’t fair; it just wasn’t churning my blood the way I wanted it to, ”Anderson-Lopez added. “So we thought, this is a witch show, isn’t it?” So let’s embrace it. What other shows are about witches and goth characters? The Addams Family, The Munsters, the “Monster Mash” – all those Halloween songs that have that squeaky, growling bari saxophone. “

The Lopez were shocked when the song went viral. They didn’t think the song would do so well. Kathyrn Hahn knew, however. She signed on to play Agatha because of it. “I remember someone telling me I was on the iTunes chart. I was in front of Bieber for a second. I was like, ‘What’s going on!’ This I credit it [the Lopezes] for writing such a crazy and amazing jingle that just couldn’t get out of your head. We had so much fun filming her delicious reveal, ”said Hahn Weekly entertainment.

We can’t wait to see what the Lopez write next. When we hear a song that sticks in our heads, we’ll know they’ve done it again.

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