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Album Review: The Butts: So It Goes – Music


We last heard from local pop-punk transplants the Butts three years ago, with their sublime Nightmare in Area 51 PE. In the meantime, local punk MVP Will Prewitt replaced Nathan Holman on guitar. Their musical ambition also grew. They’ve already filmed the melodic pogo rock of more commercial bands with enough boozy irreverence to utterly destroy pop-punk’s normally well-maintained facade. And bassist Kevy Bergman’s louder vocal style has always provided perfect harmony and counterpoint to frontman Kurt Koegler’s rawer approach. Now his innate musicality has burst across the surface of their third album in polished fashion, with his well-placed keyboard overdubs reinforcing many of the tracks.

With their huge, raspy Hüsker Dü guitars and demure intellectual humor, the Butts can’t help but bring to mind the smart punks deep underground in Minneapolis’ Dillinger Four. How could you hate a band that composes a song that so successfully disrupts the aging process as “I’m Getting Old,” with a throwaway line as brilliant as “Scully and Mulder didn’t understand exactly what they had“? But the most moving and ambitious is “The Final Text Exchange”, a rhythmic piano ballad whose lyrics depict a child and a parent exchanging messages during a school shooting. With samples from the Presidents Clinton and Obama reacting to previous events is chilling and believable.