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Alicia Keys Unveiled New Album, New Songs At Secret Miami Concert


Alicia Keys kicked off Art Basel in Miami with an intimate show on December 1 at Miami’s Superblue, a new art gallery that focuses on light installations and immersive art. The whole evening was a treat for Keys superfans, as the 15-time Grammy-winning singer-songwriter sang her hits and also gave a preview of what’s to come on her new album, which is slated for release on December 10th. She took the concert to the next level with immersive, artistic installations ready for selfies and a meditation and breathing exercise led by Keys herself.

Prior to the musical performance, attendees were able to explore Superblue’s exhibits, including “AKHU” by experiential art pioneer James Turrell. In another room, a work by Studio Drift featured mechanical flowers hanging from the ceiling, which opened and closed as if they were going through a flowering cycle. Before taking the stage, Keys conducted a guided meditation over speakers, incorporating these robotic flowers. She asked viewers to synchronize their breathing with the opening and closing of the flowers, encouraging mindfulness and concentration.

“Watch yourself being here and now,” said Keys, who recently launched the new Keys Soulcare beauty line in collaboration with elf Cosmetics. “As the ocean connects all marine life, the air connects all terrestrial and celestial life. And as you inhale and exhale, we see the blue planet covered with sea and forest. There is no breath you take alone.

Keys had more deals for the crowd. When she finally took the stage – which was also artfully decorated with images of projected flowers, bright lights, and a Keys grand piano played for parts of the set list – she revealed that she would be singing new material. : three new songs from his next album, Keys, titled “Skydive”, “Is It Insane” and “Only You”. She teased different versions, some stripped down, with just vocals and piano, and others more produced, with a track of additional rhythms and instruments. Keys sang “Is It Insane” in both styles and extended the participatory nature of the evening by asking the audience to vote on what they liked best. The crowd, unsurprisingly, went wild for both approaches.

When Keys Releasing next week, produced by blockbuster Mike WiLL Made-It, fans will have the opportunity to experience both versions of the new music. Two versions of the album will be released: one titled “Original”, which will feature “more relaxed piano vibes”, such as Keys described on TikTok, and one called “Unlocked”, which will feature the “upbeat, drums and next level vibes”.

Besides teasing the new songs, Keys returned to some of his most famous hits, like “No One”, “Empire State Of Mind” and “Fallin ‘”. She played the piano on and off, accompanied on stage by a drummer and a musician playing the double bass.

Between meditation and art, the whole evening had an air of collaboration and immersion. Prior to the show, Keys posted the set list on Instagram and asked his followers to share any songs they would like to see added. She’s been doing these little “secret” shows throughout the fall, including a return-to-the-theater show at the Apollo Theater in New York City last month. On Twitter, she posted an animated graphic on these “one night only” shows, teasing that there are two more additional cities to “unlock.”

So, depending on where you live, you can still catch Keys in one of these intimate and relaxed environments. She is also expected to make an official tour in 2022 to promote Keys.