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All the catchy songs from the Tall Girl 2 soundtrack explored


The music for a movie or TV show can often make or break the final product, as the choice of songs can add just the right feeling to each scene.

That’s especially important in teen rom-coms like Netflix’s newcomer Tall Girl 2, where emotions run high and love is in the air.

But what songs are in the Tall Girl 2 soundtrack?

Big Girl 2 | official trailer

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Big Girl 2 | official trailer






Tall Girl 2 release date and synopsis

Tall Girl 2 arrived on Netflix on Friday, February 11, 2022, two and a half years since the first film was released.

After the events of the original film and her inspirational speech at the homecoming dance, Jodi is no longer seen as the “big girl” at school.

She has a loyal group of friends, a loving boyfriend, and even lands the lead role in the upcoming school musical.

However, not all of Jodi’s insecurities have been banished as new relationships emerge, old friendships struggle, and the world she has built begins to crack under the weight of mounting pressure.


Tall Girl 2 soundtrack

Like many teen rom-coms before it, Tall Girl 2 is packed with catchy tunes, many of which are original songs created for the movie itself.

The songs featured in the Tall Girl 2 soundtrack are:


Listen to Ava Michelle’s new single

To coincide with the release of Tall Girl 2, Ava Michelle and Jacaranda’s song, be yourselfwas released as a single.

The track, which features a moving vocal performance from the Tall Girl star, is available to stream now on Spotify and Apple Music.

Be who you are the release comes after the song stand up straight from the first film Tall Girl was also released as a single in 2019.

Tall Girl 2 is available to stream now on netflix after its release on February 11, 2022.

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