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Andre Carroll Praises “Global Artist” Koffee at Music Week Awards | Brands


Andre Carroll, director of brand partnerships at Sony Music 4th Floor Creative, dedicated the company’s victory at the Music Week Awards to colleague Precious Omoregie, who was unable to attend last week’s show.

Behind the scenes after accepting the Music & Brand Partnership Award for Koffee’s festive partnership with H&M, Carroll was quick to praise Omoregie’s work on the project, which came after Koffee won a Grammy.

The Jamaican star, who has yet to release her debut album, is rising fast, and Carroll told us that winning the Music Week Award is a big step in her journey. Find out why in the Q&A from our winners below.

How was the project born at the start?

“We have worked for a long time with the H&M team and the Ology team in particular, which is one of their agencies. They came to see us to try to find talent for the Christmas campaign. Koffee is an incredibly culturally important artist to us who has done amazing things. It was launched just before Christmas last year. We knew Koffee had had a great year with the release of Toast and her EP, so this was the perfect time for her to get involved. Advertising creation has lent itself to a global voice and it certainly does. And working with the Columbia team, who have done an amazing job on Koffee in the UK, has been great, for us to find a moment to profile her the way she deserves.

Has there been a tangible boost for Koffee?
“Absolutely. What it does for us is position her as a global artist. Winning the Grammy was amazing and was a highlight of the campaign, which was spearheaded here by Joel Quartey. Being able to follow that up with the alignment with H&M, which is a huge global brand, was really important to us and contributed to the perception of her as an artist. Koffee is one of the most important artists on our label and being able to work alongside her is a big part of what we do.

Finally, would you like to send a message to Precious?
“She was the main voice of the campaign. She is loved by everyone, both on the label side and the management side, which has made it very easy for her to navigate. She led the charge and she understands Koffee’s cultural relevance in a way most people would never understand. So for her having that understanding and that backdrop meant that she could do her job 10 times better. She does this with any artist she works with, she’s amazing. She’s my partner in crime, so being able to accept this on her behalf after I won a few years ago and she accepted on my behalf is almost poetic. [Laughs]. Anytime one of us isn’t around we’ll win, that’s the plan.

PHOTO: Paul Harry

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