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Angus & Julia Stone Announce “Life Is Strange: True Colors” Soundtrack Album


Angus and Julia Stone have reunited to compose the soundtrack for Deck Nine’s upcoming video game Life is Strange: True Colors.

The release is scheduled for August 20. “Life Is Strange” will be the sibling duo’s fifth album, following “Snow” in 2017. In the years since, Angus released their 2019 album “Smooth Big Cat” under the nickname Dope Lemon, and Julia released their first album in nine years, “Sixty Summers”, in April.

The album was made over the past few years, when Angus and Julia weren’t focusing on their own solo work. The music has been recorded in several locations, including Angus Farm, Colorado, and Neil Finn’s studio in Auckland.

According to the australian, one of 12 tracks on the record, ‘Blue’, is a reinterpretation of the duo’s song from 2014 ‘Main Street’.

“I really like this record because it’s a real mix of old and new,” Julia said in a statement.

“I can hear how, on this record, we weren’t afraid to try, follow our noses and not force any direction it was going. It didn’t matter if there was a really folk song next to a really dance song. I can hear him feeling very free.

True colors is the last opus of the Life is strange franchise, which debuted in 2015. The game will arrive on September 10 for most platforms, and later this year for Nintendo Switch after its release has been delayed.

The game follows protagonist Alex Chen, who has the supernatural ability to sense, manipulate, and absorb the emotions of others. After moving to Haven Springs, she must use her power to uncover the truth behind her brother’s death.