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Artist Don Favelli Releases “Opening Act” Video For Hip Hop Album “Romantic Novel”


Hiphop artist Don Favelli releases music video, NFT companion in the works

The video will be followed by “Companion NFT” which adds information and improves the story line.

SAN DIEGO, California, United States, November 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Don Favelli, a hip hop artist and songwriter from San Diego, has announced the release of the music video “Everybody (Intro)” which he released. described as the “opening act” for her album ‘Relationships Are Hard’. Favelli calls the album a modern hip hop version of a romantic novel with lustful passions, toxic dysfunction, jealousy and betrayal, romance without facts, and ultimately true love.

The video “Everybody (Intro)”, which was shot and produced by San Diego videographer Coner Martz (aka Erick Martinez), features the album’s romance which looks “perfect” but “it can become. toxic”.

“Everybody’s video and lyrics represent relational interactions that are universally recognized,” says songwriter and artist Don Favelli. “The young woman is too jealous, forcing the man to watch her words so as not to trigger her. At the same time, the woman is right to fear betrayal because the man is not mature enough to commit to the relationship despite everything she offers him.

Each song on the Relationships Are Hard album is independent, but as a whole it tells the story of the young man’s journey from a lustful passion, romanticizing an idealized love that cannot be achieved over and over again, relational loops and finally, a more mature attraction for love and commitment. The lyrics of the album are available on Genius.

“A lot of friends have told me that they’ve listened to a song on the album on repeat because it was about their experience right now. I tried to write an album that would capture these universally recognized experiences and the basic truth that relationships are difficult.

Shot in a beautiful location in the Hollywood Hills, the video was released today on VEVO, Vimeo and YouTube. The Relationships Are Hard album is available on all music platforms. The beat producer on the song is Rigo Garcia.

Favelli notes that he and videographer Coner Martz are creating a “companion NFT” which will be available at Favelli Factory on the OpenSea.io NFT exchange in the coming weeks.

“The NFT will be adding new story information to the Everybody video. It’s exciting to experiment with this new format of content that allows the community to be involved in the storyline, ”added Favelli.

About Don Favelli
Don Favelli is a hip-hop artist, songwriter and entrepreneur from San Diego, California, with original and evocative lyrics. His latest album, Relationships Are Hard, was released in November 2020. New music will be released at the end of 2021. Raised in Southern California, Don Favelli has lived in Atlanta, Oakland and San Diego for the past few years. Don Favelli is the CEO and Founder of Favelli Enterprises, Inc.

About ConerMartz
Coner Martz (aka Erick Martinez), based in San Diego, Calif., Is a professional videographer, photographer and post-production creator with a broad portfolio of unique and compelling commercial and creative projects.

About Favelli Enterprises Inc.
Favelli Enterprises Inc. (FE) is a pioneering provider of “Arts and Entertainment for All Worlds”, bringing art, music and entertainment to fans and consumers at the crossroads of traditional industry channels, augmented reality and virtual reality. FE’s entertainment properties include hip-hop artist and songwriter Don Favelli, music publisher Favelli Music, and Favelli Home art and merchandise store.

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