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Bands and artists Boone – Les Appalaches


From crowded venues to bands playing in their backyard, unique music for everyone is abundant throughout the High Country. Whether it’s a night out at the TApp Room or a concert in Sanford, Boone always resonates with music.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise (Courtesy of Rainbow Kitten Surprise)

Rainbow kitten surprise

Born in Boone, the group Rainbow Kitten Surprise has a large catalog of songs enjoyable for all listeners. The band have a unique sound, and with over 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify, their Boone origin is clear in their folk-inspired music.

Luke Combs (Courtesy Luke Combs)

Luc Combs

You might not know it, but country artist Luke Combs once spent his time walking around this same campus. If you’re a country music fan, you know Combs is a modern day staple in the genre. Even with those who aren’t particularly keen on country music, Combs’ the music is easygoing and upbeat and provides a pleasant listening experience.

Drop Plates (courtesy Julia Lynn)

Drop plates

With their amazingly composed incorporations of melodic guitar and passionate vocals, Dropping Plates makes perfect music for driving around with friends, spending time in Sanford soaking up the sun, or just enjoying the beautiful mountain. countryside. Formed in the middle of the High Country, band members Ben Burrows, Jake Fain, Aaron Huntley and Forrest Britt rock Boone with songs like the uplifting “Spun” and the serene and peaceful “Wave”.

Dylan innes

Dylan Innes (Courtesy of Julia Lynn)

If acoustic guitar and carefully composed lyrics are your favorite aspects of music, Dylan Innes is a must listen for you. Her voice paired with heartfelt lyrics creates a true connection between artist and listener, and Innes takes it one step further with beautiful acoustic instrumentation on songs like “Bristol” and “Flower Mouth”.


Vocalist Lawson Galloway leads the group, Galloway, during the performance. (Courtesy of Galloway)

You can’t go wrong with the music from Galloway – it’s perfect to put on while walking the east side or relaxing in your living room. With smooth guitar chords and catchy lyrics, songs like “Buzzcut” and “Boys Like You” will stay etched in your head all day after the first listen.

The members of RUGG. (Courtesy Britton Media Co.)


If you’re looking for something a little louder that will stand out against the calm mountain backdrop, Rugg has some music you need to hear. The band’s psychedelic and daring music is full of powerful guitars and drums, like their song “Runner” and “Just Put Me Down”, which features spellbinding guitar solos.

Kara haselton

Modern barefoot

Barefoot Modern is a Boone favorite and was even voted Best Local Band in that of the Appalachians The best of Boone 2021 Edition. The band makes indie-pop music that gives off an electric vibe and thrilling to listen to, and songs like “La La Land” are filled with punchy guitars and a melodic chorus. Signed to Split Rail Records, App State’s own label, the band continues to play music the people of Boone love.

Color Shy (Courtesy of Sarah Devoti)

Color Shy

Since the two App State students released their first single at the end of 2020, Nooria Lawrence and Nick Fiori quickly expanded the sounds of Color Shy. With a pop and independent vibe, the band released their debut album “Better If It Lasts Years” earlier in the year. With reverberated guitars, light drums and charming vocals on songs like “Light Leak” and “Michael Cera”, the band’s music gives off a warm vibe.