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BHS Students Prepare For Fall Musical Performance Of “Cinderella” | Education



“We are really, really, really grateful to all the volunteers we have brought together to bring our Cinderella to life,” said vocal director Hannah Loos.

This is the first time Loos has directed a Beatrice musical, since former vocal director Kelly Meyer retired this spring. She said it was an important role to fill, but that she was grateful for the opportunity to build relationships with the students.

“It was fast and furious and a little stressful, but in the best possible way,” Loos said. “They were great. They can sing without a mask now, so they make a bigger sound and sort of get that voice back, which is really great. I am so proud of their dedication.

It seems that a theme with the production itself, as well as the effort behind those who make it, is that “impossible things happen every day”.

“Don’t let other people tell you that it’s impossible to do the things you want to do,” Blum said. “All her life, we’ve told Cinderella that she’s worthless, that she can’t do anything, that she’s always been late and that her dreams are useless. But through it all, she told herself she could and lived happily ever after.

“I’m just here to make Cinderella understand that she had the motivation, the motivation, the desire to be this beautiful princess, and I, as a fairy godmother, I’m just here to facilitate that motivation, for the help motivate her, ”Moore mentioned.