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BLOO ‘Moon And Back’: release date, how to listen and all on the rapper’s 2nd album


Rapper BLOO is already preparing his comeback with his second album ‘Moon And Back’. Also known as Kim Hyeon-ung, the K-hip hop legend released his debut studio album in June 2021. Entitled “Bloo in Wonderland 2”, he went all out by releasing three singles. He also had several hit singles like “Downtown Baby” which topped the music charts and were covered by none other than K-pop star Lee Hyori. The single was also part of his first EP in which he tells his love story. And now BLOO is ready to release their next album.

In August, he dropped the hip-hop OST ‘5 Stars’ with rapper Loopy for the ‘If You Don’t Die’ webtoon in August. He also appears for the music festival ‘The Wonder Weeks’ with other artists like Gaho, June and Samuel Seo. And four months after releasing his first studio album, the rapper is preparing to release his second album “Moon And Back”. He will also be touring for this and has announced some of the stops. BLOO will be in London on December 3rd and in Paris on December 5th.


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Release date

BLOO’s “Moon And Back” will be released on October 28 at 6 p.m. KST (5 a.m. ET).

How to listen

The album will be available on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.

List of tracks

1. ‘but I’ll wait for you’
2. “Don’t say goodbye”
3. “Understand me”
4. ‘Girl in New York’ – Title song
5. “Pick up the phone”
6. ‘PAPA’
7. ‘the day we first met’
8. “Girl in New York” – Jazz version

‘Girl in New York’ is the title track of the album. There will also be a jazz version. BLOO is known for incorporating jazzy and blues elements into their songs. He also wrote and participated in the production of the album’s eight songs with producer NERD. Of the album, BLOO said, “It feels more like a novel to me.”


BLOO has posted several concept photos and video teasers for the album. Conceptual images appear to be from a high school yearbook. Calling her student character Daniel Kim, which is also her English name, her yearbook quote says “I love you to the moon and back.” He is also seen channeling his inner bad boy as he sucks a pacifier and poses with his pet dog for the camera.

Clip trailer

In the teaser for the “Girl in New York” music video, we see BLOO struggling underwater. It all looks hazy as he rides a bike and searches for a girl whose dancing figure is seen while the synthpop is heard in the background.

Watch the teaser for the clip below:

‘Banger after bang’

Enthusiastic fans tweeted like, “If Bloo said that ‘moon and back’ is the best album he’s ever made, it’s without a doubt the best album.” Another made a meme, ” Bloo’s full album “moon and back.” One of them shared, “Bloo said this and now I have to buy it.” Another fan joked, “I need to know what sounds like a song called DADDY, slightly scared ngl. “Fans were also excited about the gig,” Bloo just leaked the track list for the London gig and I’m doing the wheel rn… banger after banger. “

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