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C.Wavie paves a new path for upcoming artists


The internet has had such a positive impact on the music industry. For many, it has opened countless new doors and ways of life; it’s been wonderful especially for the rising artist C. Wavie! For him and many others around the world, creating, promoting and distributing music has become just another way of being able to market what we do to the world.

Without the Internet, the only people would see or hear about our family and friends in a neighborhood or community. C. Wavie actively uses all platforms to his advantage. With so many outlets and platforms, he thinks a lot of artists and creators need to try to get their name on the internet and give it their all.

C. Wavie should describe his music with one word, and that word is “Wavie”. Not in the conventional sense of his flowing music, for C. Wavie music is like a tidal wave. “Some songs will get your emotions so high you’ll want to scream, some will make you want to dance, and most of the time my music is relatable.”

When it comes to being able to grow as an artist and work on stage presence, C. Wavie regularly practices gratitude, both for the welcome and support they have received, on and off stage. As for favorite tracks to perform, the artist had this to say:

“My favorite song to perform is called ‘Fountain’ because I love the drop and hook of the song and the meaning behind it.”

“Who is the source of some of the best advice I have received? The best advice would be from my manager! He said: “It’s really uplifting to be informed by a supportive figure in your life; You are good enough. You’re better than anyone else in our town at doing it. You just have to believe in yourself.

“I didn’t think my business was good enough and I didn’t want to be seen as someone who was just copying what his family members were doing.”

When asked about upcoming projects, C. Wavie had this to say about the future: “I’m in album mode. I released a few singles and I have a few more that I will be releasing in the near future. Right now, I want to release this album. I worked so hard on this album! It’s almost time to unleash the wave. Stay tuned!”