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Could the Dallas Cowboys musical chair game have a lasting impact?


I think you’ve heard the news that the Dallas Cowboys right tackle has been suspended for five games. That’s not good news, especially if you ever hope to see the starting unit, you know, play a game together.

I’m sure we’ll all hear what really happened with La’el Collins, but in the meantime the Cowboys have a bit more time to assess what the next move should be. I wouldn’t hesitate to do whatever I can to protect franchise quarterback Dak Prescott.

After reserve goaltender Connor McGovern’s strong performance against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Cowboys almost had to send All-Pro goalie Zack Martin off for a straight tackle until Collins’ situation was resolved or the suspension was over. been purged.

Dallas Cowboys play musical chairs on their offensive line

Martin played extremely well last season as a substitute in the right tackle and there should be no reason why it shouldn’t be him there to move forward. This next five-game streak could allow the Cowboys front office to assess another option for moving forward.

Collins didn’t get off to a good start with the current regime last season. Rumors about his conditioning could have been a reason he was injured last season. After showing up to camp this offseason in what appeared to be in great shape, Collins suffered neck pricks prior to his latest suspension. Collins still wearing a mask around his teammates could also lead us to conclude that Collins is one of the last unvaccinated players on the team.

The Hippa Rules are there to protect everyone and their medical rights, but if I was a gambler I would have to consider La’el Collins. If Martin on the right side gives that offensive line some continuity and maybe even a little boost, could the Cowboys move on from La’el Collins?

Some ask if Mike McCarthy is in the hot seat, but Collins has only played one game for him. That’s 21 of 22 games missed for Collins during Mike McCarthy’s time if his suspension is upheld.

Going from Collins after the season as the first trade after June is the only scenario that appeals to me. The Cowboys would eat around $ 5.2 million in dead money, but that would net the team around $ 10 million in cap space.

I’m sure the Cowboys would have plenty of needy teams in the offensive line trying to make a deal. After the season, Collins will be three more years old with an average salary cap of around $ 14.65 million.

Having the Connors start on guard and keep Zack Martin on the right tackle at much lower prices to move forward certainly sounds like something VP Stephen Jones would do to me. Especially if they play well these next five games and assuming Zack Martin plays the tackle.

I am more than willing to keep Collins at this price. This is especially true when you see the giant contracts being launched in the league these days. My only concern is how much slack is this new coaching staff willing to give Collins?