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Dr Dre’s music could appear in the GTA 6 soundtrack


According to Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre could be working on the music for GTA 6.

It’s not entirely clear whether the “GTA game” Snoop Dogg refers to is the remastered GTA trilogy, released next month, the GTA 5 version, PS5, or GTA 6. The former is definitely closer to a title. “that comes out” than the latter, but all three titles have established soundtracks somewhat based on their settings. Vice City is set in 1986, while Dre’s first studio album was released in 1992. It is, admittedly, the year that San Andreas is set, so new music could surface there, but it could. be strange that modern music transplants contemporary hits. .

Snoop – who has worked with Dre before and is said to have dated Dre as well – spoke to Rolling Stone on an upcoming podcast. “” I know he’s in the studio, “she said, referring to the next one. artist project. I’m sure he makes some fantastic music. And some of his songs are related to the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game. So I think that’s how his music will be released: via the game GTA video.

It also seems unlikely that an artist as great as Dr Dre will release long-awaited new music – his last album was released in 2015 – without special fanfare as part of a remaster rather than a major new release. Unfortunately for fans, that means they might wait a bit longer to hear anything – Rockstar’s next game in the series isn’t expected to appear until 2023 at the earliest, with some suggestions indicating that GTA 6 might not appear. Not released until 2025. All that said, at this point, the next-gen ‘expanded and improved’ version of GTA 5, slated for release in March, seems the most likely vehicle for a surprise album release, d ‘especially since Dre himself appeared in the recent Cayo Pericho heist.

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