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Drake turns down 2022 Grammy nominations – Billboard


Drake’s management asked the Recording Academy to remove him as the final ballot nominee for the 64th annual Grammy Awards, and the Academy honored the request. (Variety first reported the news.)

Drake has only been nominated for two awards this year: best rap album for Boy in love certified and best rap performance for “Way 2 Sexy” (with Future and Young Thug).

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Over the years, Drake has won four Grammys – far fewer than his peers like Jay-Z (23) or Kanye West (22). He’s only exceeded five nominations in a year twice: in 2016 (when he had eight nods) and in 2018 (when he had seven).

Drake has previously expressed his disappointment at never having won a Grammy outside of rap. His only victories are for To take Care as Best Rap Album (2012), “Hotline Bling” as Best Rap / Sung Performance and Best Rap Song (2016), and “God’s Plan” as Best Rap Song (2018).

Boy in love certified was skipped for a snap of the year album this year. Only one rap album, West’s DONDA, was nominated in this category. (The Grammys ranked Lil Nas X’s mix of genres Montero like pop.)

Views (2016) and Scorpio (2020), Drake’s two most recent studio albums before Boy in love certified, were nominated for album of the year. Drake only received three other nominations as lead artist in the Big Four categories. He was nominated for Best New Artist (2010) and Record and Song of the Year for “God’s Plan” (2018).

He was also nominated for Record of the Year as Featured Artist on Rihanna’s ‘Work’ (2016) and Album of the Year as Featured Artist on Beyoncé. Beyonce (2014), Kendrick Lamar good kid, MAAd city (2013) and Rihanna Strong (2011).

Drake was a vocal critic for the Grammys. Last year, after fellow superstar (and fellow Canadian) The Weeknd received no nominations, Drake blasted the Grammys on his Instagram story: “I think we should stop getting shocked every year by the lag. between punchy music and those awards and just accepting that what was once the highest form of recognition may no longer matter to the artist who exists now and those who will come after. It’s like a parent you expect to fix, but they just won’t change their ways. The other day I said @theweeknd was a lockdown for the album or song of the year with countless other reasonable assumptions and it never happens that way. Now is the perfect time for someone to start something new that we can build over time and pass on to future generations. “

Drake slammed the Grammys during an on-air acceptance speech at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards on February 10, 2019, when “God’s Plan” won the award for Best Rap Song. “We play a sport based on opinion, not a sport based on facts,” he said. “You’ve already won if you have people singing your songs verbatim, if they sing in your hometown. You are already winning, you don’t need it here.

Future had no other Grammy nominations this year. Young Thug has two album of the year nominations, as a featured artist on Doja Cat’s Planet Her (Deluxe) and the West DONDA.

The Recording Academy has already added Drake’s changes to their list of changes, which includes this note: “Each year the Recording Academy makes adjustments to the nominations list as necessary after the list is first published. Current changes are often the result of updated credits and may include spelling corrections, title changes, and the addition of candidates that were not included in the original submission, among other revisions. This year, for the first time, we are making these updates public to ensure transparency and accessibility to the most recent and accurate information.