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Duran Duran Releases New Music Album Future Past 40 Years After Debut


British pop group Duran Duran have released their 15th studio album Future Past, 40 years after the beginnings of the group.

The album, which was released on streaming platforms at midnight on Friday, October 22, features tracks featuring Tove Lo and Mike Garson, among others.

“We never thought we would make music together again after all this time. We were just kids and we came together in punk rock,” said band member John Taylor. Reuters.

The song “Anniversary” from the new album celebrates 40 years since the group – consisting of Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor – released their debut album in 1981.

“’Anniversary’ is a song that kind of celebrates the time we’ve spent together as a band, but it’s also open to anyone and anything anyone might want to celebrate,” Taylor said.

Thinking back to their debut album, Rhodes added, “We set our parameters very broadly from the start. Our first album had dance songs … but there was also a six, seven minute instrumental with an orchestra and darker songs.

Duran Duran performs live for SiriusXM at the Faena Theater in Miami, Florida in December 2017

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“We always feel comfortable trying different things in different genres musically. “

The group revealed that they started work on their new album in 2018, but the pandemic forced them to delay the project for 10 months.

“In some ways it was actually beneficial to have taken a break because we had never had this experience before, and we could look at it with fresh eyes and listen with fresh ears,” Rhodes said. “It has a whole new feeling for us. “

In 2016, members of Duran Duran lost a battle in the High Court over the US rights to some of their most famous songs.

Simon Le Bon and others in the group had argued that US copyright laws gave them the right to call for a reversion of copyright after 35 years.

However, lawyers for Gloucester Place Music Ltd have successfully argued that English contract law prevents them from doing so.