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Familiar face at local bank ends time behind ETM


Through July 20, 2021 5:10 p.m.

BUCYRUS – A familiar face from downtown FC Bank ends his career at the end of the month.

Bev Daniel, the sympathetic employee behind the electronic teller machine (ETM) screen, retires on July 31 – a day before Medicare begins – to travel, spend more time with her family and continue her career. commitment to community service.

“At the bank, you see a lot more customers coming in and going out every day, so that’s definitely a plus,” said Daniel, a customer service agent at the financial institution. “You can interact with a lot of people. “
Daniel, who lives just 10 kilometers west of town, was first hired as a cashier in 2014. “I didn’t know much about banking when I started, so it was like trying to teach an old dog new tricks, ”she admitted.

Prior to that, she had completed a 37-year career with Timken Co., where she worked in the bearing factory, distribution center, warehouse, and then in the office as an administrative assistant to the plant manager. .

Daniel, a graduate of Colonel Crawford High School, considers herself a “country girl” at heart. She grew up in nearby Sulfur Springs, where her parents, Max and Anita Spiegel, still live and reside in Crawford County.

His older brother, Dennis, is also celebrating his retirement this year, while his brother Kelly leads the clan that retired a year and a half ago. The youngest of the Spiegel family – Scott – is not there yet. He turns the big “6-0” this year.

Daniel sits on the Crawford County Council on Aging Board of Directors and enjoys attending the Summer Music at the Mural concerts in Bucyrus and other community events. The winter months are relegated to his “obsessive hobby” of scrapbooking.

In fact, she said the retreat would be spent compiling albums for her parents and finishing the ones she had already started for her husband, the family of Marvin “Marv”. The two are also planning a much-anticipated trip to Alaska on a cruise.

In the meantime, Daniel said, his days will be filled watching his parents and checking out items on his to-do list, including visits to Kelley’s Island, Malabar Farm State Park and the village of Yellow Springs in Greene County, Ohio.

The list also includes trips to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Frankenmuth, Michigan, and a spring trip to Holland, Michigan, for their annual “Tulip Time”.