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For Watkins Family Hour album, sibling writers dig a little deeper | Music


The siblings have had their fair share of collaborations, first becoming famous as two-thirds of award-winning progressive bluegrass group Nickel Creek (mandolin player Chris Thile was the other member). They each released a series of solo albums and performed in supergroups of one variety or another across the vast realm of Americana.

“I think in writing, when you change a factor, it really makes a big difference,” said Sara Watkins. “Our goals for this album were specific enough to affect the writing process.”

Some of those goals reflect the couple’s desire to show a new side of the project, which grew out of a regular show at Club Largo in Los Angeles that they’ve been doing for nearly 20 years.

“Traditionally our shows at Largo are us with a band, and it’s a bit looser and it’s more cover-oriented,” said Sean Watkins. “This is what the first album [2015’s self-titled disc] we represented. A big part of Family Hour for us has been that it’s a place and a place and an audience where we feel safe to try out new songs and write our own material, try it out, or work it out for a record. from Nickel Creek or to do us on solo albums. This record is more representative of that. We are the ones who write our own material and try something new.

For informal shows, the Watkins tended to choose songs that were easy for their colleagues to understand, and making sure that the covers they chose could be learned easily was part of their performance strategy.