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Greek musician plays bouzouki while having brain surgery


Greek musician Dimitris Kyrtsos plays his bouzouki while undergoing brain surgery. Photo: document by Dimitris Kyrtsos

A Greek played the bouzouki, a traditional Greek musical instrument, in the operating room while doctors performed brain surgery on him.

Dimitris Kyrtsos is a virtuoso bouzouki player who never wants to part with his favorite instrument, even in the most difficult moments of his life.

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Two and a half years ago, the 37-year-old man from Veria went to AHEPA hospital in Thessaloniki to have a brain tumor removed.

Dimitris took his bouzouki with him and asked the doctors if he could play his favorite instrument – and most Greeks’ favorite – during the operation.

Brain surgery by playing music on the bouzouki

“I had seen on the Internet videos of operations abroad where the operation is done this way,” he told Agency 104.9 FM radio.

“I saw a man who had been operated on playing the guitar and another playing the violin during the operation. I said to myself “why not me? “, He noted.

“I asked my doctors if I could play my bouzouki in the operating room during the procedure, but they told me it was not doable at the time,” he said. .

Two years later, however, the reappearance of the tumor brought him back to the operating room of the same hospital.

All the necessary procedures and arrangements were made so that this time he did not enter the operating room alone, but accompanied by his favorite musical instrument.

A camera was installed in the operating room and the recording shows Dimitris Kyrtsos playing the bouzouki on the table, while all the details of the demanding and lengthy operation were projected on the monitor behind him.

AHEPA’s experienced and renowned surgeons performed the operation to music. The first song Dimitris played was “Mavromata mou” (My Black-Eyed Wife), which he dedicated to his wife.

Bouzouki brain surgery
Dimitris Kyrtsos and his bouzouki. Credit: Athens-Macedonia News Agency

Operate while talking to the patient

“To operate on a patient in this way, that is to say (him) communicating and talking to the doctors at that time, is something that has been going on for at least 14 years at the AHEPA hospital,” said the neurosurgeon in Athens. Macedonian News Agency.

Nikolaos Foroglou, associate professor of neurosurgery at the medical faculty of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, who operated on the musician, added:

“It is a technique that ensures maximum detection of brain tumors, while maintaining its necessary functions,” said Foroglou.

In the case of the 37-year-old musician, doctors were able to extract information about how his brain was working, in addition to answering questions asked during such surgeries.

Also, by the way he interpreted the music and by listening to his whispers, the operating team received the best proof that all was well in the patient’s brain.

“I hope the doctors who were in the operating room liked my music… I owe them a huge thank you.” said the bouzouki player.

“My students ask me how I felt in the operating room and if my bouzouki helped me. The answer is everything just got easier and calmer, ”Kyrtsos said.