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Hip-hop artist Ericcy presents a melodic stream of contemporary detail in his new single “Winter Nights”


Musical artist EriccyThe soundscape of ‘is a beautiful expanse of rippling melodic saga spun through incredible lyrical spontaneity in his new single,’Winter nights‘.

Uupcoming musical artist Ericcy presents a beautiful flow of musical and lyrical extravagance with his new track, Winter nights. The artist sets up a dreamlike and melodic presentation which is transcribed in a magnetic arena of meaning and purpose. Although a hip hop artist, his production creates a sublime alternative to his sound and paves the way for an astonishing experience for listeners. The song is the first hit single from her upcoming album, ‘Ezone’ due for release in early 2022. The artist’s resilience and sincerity make the track’s character creating thematic turbulence setting the mood and more Again. The American artist has a style of his own and allows the free flow of melodies and lyrics through his exclusive soundscape.

Musician Ericcy He may be starting his career, but he’s already gaining ground and audience engagement for his new track, ‘Winter nights‘. The artist and his perseverance create a structural melody that the audience appreciates to the maximum. Its sound is a fusion of sound and streaks from artists such as J. Cole and Drake. With a fluid, upbeat flow that puts contemporary hip hop and rap on a meaningful course, he has a long way to go. The artist gives a modern touch to his music which also allows the audience to expect something beyond what is expected. From production components to performance, everything seems to be adorned with precision. Listen to the new song on Youtube to learn more about the infinite proximities of hip hop.

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