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Hits Making Moves on the World Songs Board


Almost exactly half of all the spaces in the global digital song sales chart this week are occupied by tracks that were not present last time around. There are nine debuts on the 25-place tally and several older hits also return, with one going all the way to the top.

Here are five tracks whose movements are worth noting in this week’s digital song worldwide sales chart.

N ° 1 – BTS – “Start”

BTS is back at No. 1 in this week’s global digital song sales chart, although they didn’t top the tally with a brand new single. Instead, the band’s fans worked together not only to bring the band’s song “Begin” back on the charts for a second round, but to send it all the way to the top. “Begin” is back on the list as high as a track can climb, and in doing so, it became BTS’s thirty-first number 1.

N ° 2 – Golden Child – “Ra Pam Pam”

Coming just behind new frontman of BTS, “Ra Pam Pam” of South Korean vocal group Golden Child. The group returns with the first single from their second album Game changer, which came out not long ago. The cut marks the framework’s highest debut on the global digital song sales chart, failing to become No.1 in one space.

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# 10 – Sunmi – “You cannot sit with us”

Sunmi began to establish herself as a solo musician before Wonder Girls, the act that made her a star in South Korea, broke up, and in the years since members of the pioneering girl group got together. are separated, she continued to record and release music which is snapped up by millions. After a hiatus of several years, she is back with more songs, and the interest of the fans never seems to go away. “You Can’t Sit With Us” starts at # 10 on the latest edition of the Global Digital Song Sales Chart, pushing it down to the top of the tally.

“You Can’t Sit With Us” tops Sunmi’s new EP 1/6, which was released earlier this month. She is now in the top 10 of this ranking as a soloist with at least seven pieces.

N ° 17 – Hyo – “Second (ft. Bibi)”

Just like Sunmi a few places ahead, Hyo has been one of the most successful musicians in the South Korean music industry for many years, having first conquered the local charts with the group Girls’ Generation (and its subunits). This group hasn’t been together for several years now, but Hyo certainly hasn’t left the company. This week, she finds her way back to the global digital song sales chart with the new single “Second”, which at the moment appears to be a standalone track. The cut stars hip-hop musician Bibi, and it arrives at No.17.

N ° 22 – Oneus – “Shut up, go crazy!”

Based in South Korea, boy group Oneus is quickly becoming one of the most popular groups in the business, and their popularity continues to grow in the United States with each subsequent release. The band scored another World Digital Song Sales hit with “Shut Up Get Crazy Hot! . It’s clear fans in America love what they’re hearing (and seeing) so far, as they’ve bought the cup in numbers enough to send it straight to the count.

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