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Honesty, Authenticity, and Discovery: Allocai Bends Genres for Their Latest Album – Boca Raton’s Most Reliable News Source


Authenticity is an interesting concept. One that seems simple on the surface but has a lot of depth in its exact meaning. A recent academic paper noted that scholars use the term to refer to three different perspectives and meanings of the word. The different interpretations consider authenticity as: “(1) the consistency between an entity’s internal values ​​and its external expressions, (2) an entity’s conformity to the norms of its social category, and (3) the connection between an entity and a person, place, or time claimed. The purpose of the article was to critically evaluate and compare the different approaches. By conducting this analysis, scholars were able to provide a new understanding of the term authenticity.

This new understanding of authenticity can be used for further research on the subject. Artist Allocai values ​​authenticity and works hard to imbue his music with this distinctive but elusive term. It achieves this in several ways which will be discussed in more detail.

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Allocai, Black Silver and Authenticity

When asked about his debut album, Allocai said he was “rather pissed off, more dissatisfied and wilder”. He did it on purpose in this eclectic album because he was learning and perfecting his process. In Black Silver, Allocai’s latest album, he feels he has reached a level of mastery over his process. Allocai isolated himself during the creative process so he had more time with his own thoughts and feelings. He also thought deeply about how he could bring those feelings to life by expressing them sonically. Allocai said Black Silver is unequivocally the result of this process.

Allocai believes this album to be his most honest and personal work to date. That’s why it was important to him that the album had a slightly dystopian sound as well as occasional hints of jazz. This was done in order to make the listener understand and feel the loneliness that Allocai wishes to convey. It also achieves a greater level of intimacy between the listener and the artist. If forced to, Allocai would classify his music as alternative pop or alternative rock.

Allocai likes to rebrand its image whenever it prepares to release a new project. In this way, its visual and sound aesthetics are coherent. With Black Silver, Allocai wanted an image that had a “sleek, urban yet chic and dystopian feel”. With this aesthetic, he hoped to combine Amy Winehouse and The Weeknd as well as jazz and synth. He also wanted this to be expressed not only in his music, but also in his appearance. For his visual aesthetic, he opted for black and white with lots of silver accents.

Allocai highly values ​​its involvement in the LGBT community. He also sees himself as part of the fight for LGBT rights and associates himself with the Black Lives Matter movement. He also values ​​being unique himself. Allocai finds that, most of the time, people let their labels define them. He thinks people should define their labels instead. He claims it’s because no one is limited to being one thing.

Allocai is fascinated by the number of ways people can be themselves. He refers to this as the different ways of being human. Meeting a wide range of people who had many different ways of being themselves helped him find his own way of being himself. He likes to see people express their individuality and not be “bogged down by their labels” and act in a way they think they should act, in order to be a certain way.

Final Thoughts

Allocai has a creative process that has both depth and intrigue. He embarked on a period of isolation to better understand himself and his feelings and how best to convey that through music. He spent a lot of time perfecting his process and honing his skills on his latest project. The result is an undeniably authentic album that reveals a clear and intimate portrait of the artist.