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Hope and Healing Highlights Jason McGee and The Choir’s Debut Album – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentry


Jason McGee (Photo provided)

Jason McGee and The Choir’s early albums feature a variety of musical styles, but the thread that connects them all is a message of hope, joy and healing. The title of a new project of a popular gospel group, “Power”, will be new, uplifting, from the current single “It’s Not Over” to the creative production of “Oh the Blood” by Andraé Crouch and applause. Includes tracks. – “Super” kick.

“Our goal, our aspirations and our prayers were to find something for everyone with this album,” said McGee, one of the directors of a major choir in the gospel music industry. paddy field. “This project was designed to reach the hearts of listeners with hope. After these turbulent years, we all share a common experience that has put us at a crossroads. We want to encourage people to regain the joy of believing again. “

Regarding the different selections, he said: There are also songs for a more inspiring audience. That’s why I wanted to work hard to make an album that everyone can enjoy. “

The album’s versatility is comparable to the many talents of Jason McGee and The Choir, who have supported rock bands, R&B artists, and pop groups since they first hit the gospel scene around 17 years ago. Under McGee’s direction, the ensemble has appeared at the Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, and BET Awards as part of the event’s production team. The group can also be heard in the soundtrack of the film “Space Jam 2” and in the songs of the films “The Black Godfather” and “The Birth of a Nation”.

“I am still connected to choirs and churches. I started conducting choirs at my home church in Bakersfield, California at the age of 14, and in 2004 I started conducting professionally, bringing together a lot of singers. Oversaw a mainstream event in California, ”recalls 2021 Stella Awards nominee Maggie.

“Power” features new music from Jason McGee and The Choir. (Photo courtesy)

He and the choir perform live on several musical icons, including Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, John Legend, Raphael Saadiq and David Foster. The recording studio collaborates with Usher, Lil Nas X, Mary Mary’s Erica Campbell, Christian artist Matt Redman and Zafrey lead singer Joking.

Currently, Jason McGee and The Choir are My Block Inc, run by mega-producer Warryn Campbell. It’s part of the label. And McGee said he was grateful for the “family atmosphere” formed by Campbell and his wife, Erica.

“I can answer the phone anytime to make a call or ask a question, they always answer. They are always checking to see if I’m okay. It’s awesome. Yes, they give me room to bend over and become Jason, ”he said.

While excited to unleash “power,” McGee says that by building on his favorite verse, Psalm 27:13, he will maintain his trust in God no matter what the future holds. Noted. The goodness of the Lord in the living land. “

“I was very open about the fight against suicide in 2006 because I never stopped believing that this moment was somewhere deep inside me, even in the worst places. When God answered what I prayed for, ”said McGee.

“After the smoke cleared and everything was fine, I tattooed the writing on my arm, so every time I went down I looked down and said. I still believe. ‘”

Thinking back to the effects of ‘power’, McGee said, “This is an exciting time on our musical journey. I hope the message of this album will make the world stronger. I won’t give up now because it’s not over. Hope, healing and joy come first. It’s in it. “

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