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Is Camila Cabello releasing an album? An encrypted message makes the Internet say: “Is this a threat?”


Camila Cabello, it seems, is completely fired up for her new project as the singer-songwriter teased her fans over the weekend with some new music that may be hitting the internet soon. The ‘Havana’ hitmaker, who has nearly 60 million Instagram followers, lip-synced to seemingly one of her new singles while looking stunning in a selfie video.

The 24-year-old crooner also shared an encrypted message from what appears to be her phone where she hinted that her new album might be finished. Social media users, however, seemed less interested in the singer’s new music, as many dubbed her a “flop”, adding that her days were over and she could thank them by not posting the music. Camila’s new album is reportedly titled “Familia” and is expected to hit major streaming platforms in 2022. An official release date has yet to be revealed.

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Is Camila Cabello releasing a new album?

To make the weekend more special for her loyal fans, Camila Cabello first shared a screenshot of a document from her phone that read “ALBUM THANK YOU” hinting that she might have finished recording for his album. In another Instagram Story which she also shared as a post on her wall, the singer was seen having fun in her car while lip-syncing to what we assume is one of the singles from his next album. She didn’t add any captions to the post, but social media users quickly learned that she might be releasing new music soon.

In 2021, the singer had released a first single from her third album titled “Don’t Go Yet”. Camila’s second album titled “Romance” was released in 2019 while she dropped her 2018 debut with a self-titled project. The former Fifth Harmony band member has also made news for her love life. Camila had been dating singer Shawn Mendes since 2019, but the couple split in November 2021. While Shawn and Camila jointly announced their separation on Instagram, they never really shared the reason behind the decision. However, the duo were delighted to spend time together the first week of January, which sparked speculation that they could have gotten back together.

“She can thank us by not releasing him”

Reacting to Camila Cabello’s cryptic posts, social media users flocked to Twitter and clowned on the singer about her new project. “She’s in her flop era, unfortunately,” one user said as another chimed in, “We don’t want that” in reference to her new album. Another user said, “This is a critical level threat,” while another added, “We don’t care, I promise.” One user tweeted, “She can thank us by not posting it.” Meanwhile, one individual shared, “We don’t care about this flop.” One posted, “Coming to the flop like her career” while another concluded, “She’s threatening us.”

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