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Italian government releases video game


The Italian government is entering the world of video game publishing. Italy: wonderland is an attempt by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to introduce the world to Italian cultural heritage. It is launched today for mobile devices.

Wait what? The Italian government publishes a video game?

Yeah. Italy: wonderland contains over 100 puzzle levels for players to solve and will focus on the story of Elio (based on the Greek sun god Helios), a lighthouse keeper who must turn on the sun that rises over Italy. As a new recruit, you must help Elio collect 20 Sparks in a series of adventures across Italy. You will meet five guardians on the theme of the five touchstones of Italian culture: nature, cuisine, art, performance and design. It’s a little strange, but it looks quite charming. You can check out the game’s trailer here.

Italy: wonderland, a game published by the Italian government, will introduce players to Italian culture and monuments.

What the gameplay looks like in Italy: wonderland?

Each of the Italy: wonderland‘100 levels will feature a 3D reconstruction of an iconic Italian monument, so while you’re bound to see a lot of things you know well, there will be some fun surprises, too. The Italian MFA says it is designed for “those who already know Italy, as well as for those who do not know it and want to know more”. In addition to the game, Italy: wonderland will also come with 600 articles filled with “stories, news and fun facts”. Of course, there is also a musical score inspired by centuries of Italian classical music and film scores to enjoy.

Elio in Italy: Land of Wonders, tells you you're the new keeper
Italy may be a heavy responsibility, but Italy: wonderland‘Elio thinks you’re ready for this.

Italy: wonderland promises to be a pretty unique experience. You can download it right now via Android or iOS. The App Store page says the game was designed for iPad devices, so it’s probably best to play this one on a tablet. If you don’t have one, your smartphone will do just fine. It’s completely free to download, so be sure to check it out if you’re interested in a cultural tour of Italy.

Will you give Italy: wonderland a download? What other governments around the world would you like to see a video game release? Let us know in the comments below!