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Joe Jonas has confirmed that a new Jonas Brothers album has been completed


Calling all JoBro fans, it’s an SOS! Three years after their 2019 comeback, the Jonas Brothers have confirmed that new music is on the way. Happiness begins marked a new era for the Jonas Brothers after their six-year hiatus, a long-awaited reunion after the three brothers focused on solo careers and side projects for most of the 2010s. not really breaking up because they are brothers IRL, but they took their years off to find their own individual sounds and pursue passion projects; Nick went solo, Joe formed a band, and Kevin had a reality show (we don’t need to talk about the reality show). Every creative endeavor the boys have pursued solo eventually brought them back to each other with their 2019 reunion outing, and now the Jonas Brothers are ready to do it again. A cheeky Instagram announcement on September 22 promised fans that a new Jonas Brothers album isn’t just in the works, it’s already done.

The Instagram photo showed the boys gathered around a piano, presumably harmonizing for music that will break our hearts, and the caption read, “Making the new album.” The announcement was exciting enough on its own, but then Joe commented and it was music to every fan’s ears. He wrote: “You mean the finished album.” Microphone. Drop.

Joe’s comment gives fans hope for new music soon. There was no promotion beyond just the Instagram post, so the announcement came as a complete surprise to fans — especially the fact that it’s already wrapped. The new album will be the band’s sixth studio album, and their second since reuniting to release. Happiness begins in 2019.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Seems like it’s only a matter of time before new music from JoBro becomes the soundtrack for the rest of this year – we just have to wait a little longer.