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Korn’s Jonathan Davis Reveals His Struggles Making ‘Untouchables’ Album


Every artist in the industry always has a moment in their career where they struggled to match the success of their previous releases. Korn is no exception as Jonathan Davis revealed the band’s struggles before the release of their 2002 album.

According to Audacy, the band’s “Untouchables” record was one of the most difficult albums to make as they suffered a lot of anxieties and issues, especially the vocalist.

Speaking to Metal Hammer, the frontman said their fifth studio album includes their Grammy-winning song ‘Here To Stay’ as he wanted to top their previous releases ‘Issues’ in 1999 and ‘Follow The Leader’. in 1998.

Since most of the band members are successful after the release of their previous albums, Davis said everyone was partying and drinking and he was the only one “sober”.

“At that time it wasn’t all booze and girls and drugs, it was just money. We could do whatever we wanted,” he said.

Because he had the will to work on a new project for his band, the singer locked himself in the master bedroom and wrote the album.

To work on the record, they rented three houses in Arizona. He then recorded vocals and melodies in Canada.

However, he didn’t like it there so they moved paying for “housing for everyone”.

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The album is now celebrating its 20th anniversary and Davis recalled that he wanted the album to be their “Dark Side Of The Moon” era.

When he pitched the idea to Michael Beinhom, the producer told him it was “cool” but they should take note that it would take “a long time” to finish and could be expensive.

Davis said their producer wasn’t kidding because it did indeed take time and the final cost came in at $4 million.

“I would say 3.1 of that kept our entire touring team under mandate for two years. It was a *** blow; we should have listened,” he added.

Today, the group is preparing to go on tour again after its successful concerts last spring.

The upcoming tour will feature songs from their latest album “Requiem”. Their special guest will be Evanescence.

Korn’s first show will kick off in Denver, Colorado on August 16 before heading to various cities across the United States.

Their last show will be on September 16 in Washington State.

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