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Listen to Flume’s Brilliantly Eclectic Third Album “Palaces” – EDM.com


After months of singles and teasers, Flume has finally delivered their highly anticipated third studio album, Palace, through Future Classic.

Palace is a groundbreaking album that extends Flume’s influences to even deeper levels of electronic music. He took his signature experimental sound and perfected it, leading to some of the best music he’s written to date. It’s an LP that talks about his vision and his project as a whole, giving listeners a taste of who exactly Flume is even if they’ve never listened to anything else in his discography.

Opening with great energy on “Highest Building” featuring Oklou, the track sets the tone for the rest of the album. Emotions run high throughout, as the voices and diverse collection of sounds help guide the course. While there are moments of angst and frustration displayed through aggressive synths and pounding production, plenty of lighter elements set the stage for a loving feel.

The flickering vibe can feel shocking, though that’s where the beauty of the LP lies. A clear example of this is how “Hollow” with Emma Louise and “Love Light” play back to back, followed by the harsh, ethereal sounds of “Sirens” with Caroline Polachek. The album takes on a much airier sound immediately afterwards, as the relaxing beat of “Go” blends seamlessly into the namesake tune with Damon Albarn, “Palaces.”

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In all, Palace is yet another masterstroke from Flume. The unpredictability coupled with the phenomenal sound design and overall production make this one of the Australian producer’s most impressive projects to date. Plus, the heavyweight contender has unleashed a great prospect for Album of the Year in what’s shaping up to be an incredibly competitive battle.

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