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‘Loki’ songwriter Natalie Holt wrote this glorious theme without ever seeing the show



The jury still doesn’t know where Loki Will rank in the growing Marvel TV universe, but Natalie Holt’s musical score has been a mind-blowing highlight since Episode 1.

British composer who grew up playing the violin, Holt gives Loki a sound both strange and playful – the most perfect musical accompaniment imaginable for the god of mischief in his first solo release. Mashable spoke with Holt about the challenges (and surprisingly easy) of scoring Loki, which ends July 14.

“You know that feeling when you sit in a symphony orchestra and hear that power and weight of a large orchestra playing a theme? I wanted it to have that, but also to have the scale to be enough. nimble too, “she said via the Zoom interview. “He’s pretty mercurial and he’s not always tall and daring, he’s a little sneaky sometimes and… I just knew you had to have this lineup.”

Despite the challenge of impersonating Loki’s multitudes via the melody, Holt says she came up with the main Loki theme before her pitch meeting with director Kate Herron – based purely on scripts.

“I found the theme for him very quickly,” she recalls. “So he’s been there for me in my head, associated with him since day one.”

Herron requested the use of the electronic theremin to give Loki that sound from another world. Holt had recently met thereminist Charlie Draper, “the perfect guy to collaborate with” and a Marvel fan to boot. Holt had never composed for theremin before, nor even worked with a large brass section like that heard in the Loki theme, but Herron and Kevin Feige encouraged her to experiment with “pushing it too far.”

“I feel like I always want to do something a little twisted and unusual in what I write, I always want to turn things around a bit,” Holt says. “All on Loki I was doing something unusual, I was just really creative and I was trying stuff … So it was amazing to have their support to try something different. “

the Thor films do not have a common composer – Patrick Doyle wrote the score for the first Thor, Bryan Tyler did The dark world, and Ragnarok‘s Mark Mothersbaugh will return for Love and thunder. While a few themes repeat themselves throughout the series, Marvel agreed with Loki being entirely new.

The main themes of Loki are simple, but Holt enriches them with layered harmonies, surprising chord progressions and, of course, that heavy brass. As The Falcon and the Winter Soldier composer Henry Jackman, she admires Alan Silvestri and his work on The Avengers – “his coloring and the type of textures he creates”.

Holt also worked extensively with the Swedish nyckelharpa and the Norwegian hardanger violin, two stringed instruments that were still difficult to translate from the violin. She ended up entrusting experienced folk musicians with the task of improvising the right sound for pieces like “Frigga”.

“I was like, ‘Just play it’,” she said. “” Give it some heart, and you can also add folk ornaments to it. “

“I always think that composers should be very grateful for the incredible skills of the musicians they work with,” she adds. bad violin on top – if it was just me all alone, that would sound awful. I have to be very grateful for everyone I work with. “

Loki airs Wednesdays on Disney +.