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Meet the Dumfries and Galloway duo delivering a soundtrack this Christmas


A musical duo of Dumfries and Galloway provided the soundtrack of Christmas worldwide.

The bookstore group, Wigtown, composed and performed the music of Robin Robin, a seasonal film for Netflix produced by Bristol-based on Aardman Animations, best known for the Wallace and Gromit movies.

The husband and wife duo – Beth Porter and Ben Please, from Bath – also trained film stars Gillian Anderson, Richard E. Grant and Bronte Carmichael to sing their compositions.

The 30-minute animated short tells the story of a little bird raised by a family of criminal mice, Robin, who is about to steal a Christmas sandwich so they can all enjoy a real treat festive, going on an adventure along the way. This is the first time the studio has made a musical.

This is the first time that the duo have created music for a project of this scale. Normally their work revolves around literature, although they also worked for short animations.

Ben is the older brother of one of the film’s directors, Mikey Please, and this is their 10th professional collaboration.

He said : “Mikey has a great appreciation for music, so he knows what we’re doing and if it’s right for a project, and we know exactly what kind of thing he’ll like.”

Mikey added, “Because we know each other very well and also have a strong working relationship, we were able to develop the music alongside the story, from the moment we presented it to the point where it was made.”

Robin Robin is available to stream now.