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Miami Artist, Phresh Kidd Ice – Shaun Peezy


Trending new stars who remixed the Island Boys hook to a Bobby Shmurda beat and went crazy!

(DailyMusicRoll Editorial): — Miami, Florida January 18, 2022 (Issuewire.com) — recording artist Phresh Kidd Ice Cream, formally known as Anita Will; Internet break with hip hop artist Shaun Peezy with their brand new music video!

It’s no surprise that there are new undiscovered talents in Miami. What’s pretty impressive about these talented artists is that they don’t seem to be defined by materialistic objects and gimmicks; If so, I’m sure they would have worked extremely hard to stand in front of a beautiful sports car throwing money at an Instagram model; But clearly, these are not your typical rapper and can we all agree that it’s really refreshing to see a catchy story unfold through a music video?

Safer Daily Music Roll:

Phresh Kidd Ice Cream and Shaun Peezy remixed it Island Boys the chorus and actually nailed it, but what seems to be even more exciting is that they remixed the chorus to the hit rapper At Bobby Shmurda’s “No Time to Sleep” to beat. Phresh Kidd Ice Cream melodic rap stream with At Shaun Peezy’s Hard rap punch lines are literally a game changer. This unique duo not only brought the Island Boys chorus to life in a song, but they also show us in their brand new music video what island life shows across a variety of cultures practices.

It’s not just any music video you see; This music video is definitely given a short film vibe. Indeed, the talented Mrs. Anita Willalso known as rapper Phresh Kidd Ice Creamdeclares that she and Shaun Peezy are currently working together on a full project, which will include a sequence of visuals she is writing and directing. In their new official music video “Real Island S***!” The scenario begins when Shaun Peezy gets into an altercation at the store with an old street rival, dragging us into the plot’s most psychological/action twist.

After asking Phresh Kidd Ice Cream about what appears to look like a voodoo doll in the visual, she smiles before taking a sip of her Cremas drink then says “I wanted to show a storyline that not only depicts the gun violence happening in my city, but also shows the spiritual violence that is often overlooked or considered taboo. I thought me and Shaun could really run both sides of things. Again, she smiles and takes another sip of her drink.

To verify Phresh Kidd Ice Cream & At Shaun Peezy’s brand new official music video and see what happens in this crazy storyline.
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– Celia Patnelli