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Music at the Museum scheduled for July 23 at the David Owsley Museum of Art


On July 23, 2022, the David Owsley Museum of Art will host Music at the Museum with violinist Emma Andersen and pianist Bruno Theiss performing at 1:30 p.m.

This event is made possible by Andersen, a recent Ball State University graduate who worked at the museum as a student guard. Theiss is currently a doctoral student at Ball State.

Music at the Museum is free and open to the public, without prior registration. For more information/updates follow this Facebook event.

Biographies of the artists:

“As a performer, Emma Andersen has traveled across many states performing with the Ball State Symphony Orchestra on tour and at numerous music festivals including the Bowdoin International Music Festival. She has also performed as a soloist with several Midwestern orchestras. After springing from Ball State University, and soon moving on to her Masters in Music Performance at Northern Iowa University, Ms. Andersen looks back on her time here in the music program with fondness. having been concertmaster of the Autumn Opera twice and winning honorable mention in the second year of the undergraduate concerto competition. As a performer, working at the museum has been a wonderful experience, with some of her favorite days when director Robert G. La France played classical music throughout the museum on the loudspeakers.Since she started working at DOMA, she has wanted to have the opportu unity to perform live in its halls.”

“Bruno Theiss is a Brazilian pianist and music teacher based in Muncie, Indiana. He is currently one year away from completing Ball State University’s Doctor of Arts program. He has performed with the Ball State Symphonic Orchestra, the Ball State Wind Ensemble and the Ball State Opera, as well as regular appearances in solo and collaborative recitals at BSU and local churches.He earned his master’s degree at the University of Wyoming, where he collaborated with choirs and worked as the staff pianist for the University’s annual summer camp, attending the festival’s musical theater and choir productions, as well as collaborating with staff and students in recitals. His main interest is to raise awareness of different voices in music, especially those from Brazil, but also lesser-known artists (such as student composers at BSU) and repertoire that is not often performed on the piano. A secondary interest is to bring personal and modern relevance to well-known cos. composers such as Schubert, including a piano recital dedicated to the study of the composer’s output through the prism of the composer’s biographical facts. Other interests include music theory, music education, and music in contemporary media such as series and video games. For ‘Encanto’ fans: remember not to talk about Bruno.”