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Music maestro Ilaiyarajaa wins Best Original Score award at Amsterdam International Film Festival


Music maestro Ilaiyarajaa received the award for Best Original Score at the Amsterdam International Film Festival. Ilayaraaja won the award for his compositions in director AJithvasan Uggina’s Indo-English film, A Beautiful Breakup.

The film’s producer, Sir Marco Robinson, announced the news on his Twitter account. “We won the best score for our film ‘A Beautiful Rupture’ with composer Ilaiyaraaja at the Amsterdam Film Festival. (The) award for best original music. We are so happy!!! It’s incredibly beautiful music,” Robinson wrote.

The film, which includes up to 30 original Ilaiyaraaja soundtracks, was produced by A5 Natures Movies International in the UK and stars debutants Krish and Matylda in the lead roles. A Beautiful Breakup is about love, hate, desire, revenge, and a variety of other conflicting feelings that run through Krish and Ruby’s lives at the same time.

Krish and Ruby, the protagonists, are a couple living in the UK. Various destinations have seen their love deepen over the years as a couple who have traveled the world together. Despite this, the couple decides to end their relationship, and they want to make it a memorable experience by traveling, which is their favorite pastime. Unexpected plot twists result from ghostly activity in the tourist destination.

The film is Ilaiayaraja’s 1422nd film and has cinematography by KR Gunahsekar and editing by Srikanth. Ilaiayaraja’s musical compositions have transcended borders and are not limited to Tamil audiences alone.

Such was his popularity that when Rajnikanth’s Murattu Kaalai was released in 1980, fans celebrated with posters and cutouts of Ilayaraja alongside superstar Rajinikanth. Generations later, Ilayaraja remains the favorite composer of so many of his fans past and present.

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