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next album by Robert Anthony to share his love of music | The music


Fountain Hills resident Robert Anthony admits his dad “beat the Beatles” in his head when he was a kid.

As a result, music has been a mainstay in the life of the Polish-born man.

His family moved to the United States in 1981, when Anthony was in high school. He didn’t speak English, but he could sing and play guitar, so he and some friends formed a band.

“Of course we were a metal band,” Anthony said. “Those were the years of hard rock and heavy metal.”

Over the years he studied other musicians, including the Yardbirds, Mott the Hoople and Jimmy Paige of Led Zeppelin. One of the singers of Mott the Hoople, John Fiddler, guided Anthony towards another style of music.

Anthony said he still loved hard rock, but Fiddler encouraged him to

“My music started to change,” Anthony said. “It’s softer. Maybe I’ve outgrown the heavier stuff.

One thing is certain: Anthony reflects his philosophy of life through his music.

“I woke up to life,” he says. “I appreciate things a lot more. I got rid of stuff. Now I’m enjoying what’s really important, my family and friends.

He added that he does not allow negative energy to enter his life now.

“I have a huge connection to life and its beauty,” he said. “Miracles happen every day. I appreciate that more than I ever have.

Anthony moved to Fountain Hills 25 years ago.

“I followed the sun,” he said, possibly using a line from a Beatles song. “Fountain Hills is a magical place. And I love being here.

Anthony recently returned from Poland where he performed to an audience of over 10,000 people.

“This three-day festival was one of the biggest country shows in Europe,” he said. “It was an amazing experience.”

Anthony hopes that more people in this country will become familiar with his music.

“I’m not looking for fame,” he said. “I just want to share my music.”

His songs are upbeat and positive. He said his music now sounds a bit like that of Keith Urban and Brian Adams. He said he doesn’t cover other people’s music and likes to play his own songs.

“Right now we need good music,” Anthony said. “I love what I write, and I think others will too.”

Anthony said he was pushing to release an album by March 15. The album’s title track, “Undenied”, is now available on YouTube.

His YouTube channel is UndeniedMusic – YouTube.

If the album isn’t finished by March 15, Anthony said it will be April 15.

“One thing is certain: I will be releasing many new songs on Spotify in March.”

Another song, “Little Town”, is on YouTube. Both videos are indicative of the kind of music Anthony writes and performs.

Anthony is full of energy and brilliant. When he plays his music, it’s clear he likes to entertain.

And when he’s not playing music? He owns a computer company.

“Music is my passion and my love,” he said. “But I too have to earn a living. I am blessed in every way.