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Nia Kay talks about all things music


The artist talks about the influence his hometown of Chicago has had on his sound and his upcoming EP with Rollacoaster.

Extract from Rollacoaster number AW21…

Chicago-born Nia Kay first made a name for herself when she appeared on The Rap Game at just 14 years old. -based on artists like Dreezy, and offered recording contracts. After having moved away from the musical game, she has just relaunched herself in the spotlight with her summer hit “Real” with Asian Doll. Now she is preparing to release her debut EP in December.

We caught up with Nia to discuss why she moved away from the music world to regroup, what she learned about herself during this time, and how she wants to empower others. women through his music.

Hi Nia, how are you?
I do it well. Last year has been difficult, but I have received so many blessings and this is my main goal.

How did growing up in Chicago influence you and your music?
Growing up in Chicago influenced my aggressive side. As I rap, as you feel it coming straight to you, it’s Chicago! My city will speak forever through my music and that’s the reason why I don’t play about my craft.

How did you first come to music?
I got into music just because my family was so involved in it. I felt it was intended.

You have collaborated with incredible artists, with whom did you prefer to collaborate and why?
I haven’t had a dream collaboration yet but it’s something that over time I will look forward to. One of my favorites was definitely Dreezy. She is so real – very sweet but fierce like me.

At 16, you took a step back on the music scene to regroup. Can you talk more about it, why did you do this?
When I took the time to regroup, it was really just to focus on myself and put my family on a better page. With my dad as a manager, things got tough as I got older.

What have you achieved or learned about yourself during this time?
I learned that I am much more than an artist – I am a tycoon. I know I can’t give up and I know God set me up for greatness.

What do you think needs to change in the music industry?
Mumble rap, and the fact that people always think they have to do what everyone else is doing instead of being themselves.

Your first EP is scheduled for December 20th, how would you describe the sound of the EP?
My outing in December is a lot of fun. It shows a different but looser side of me that I think my fans are going to love. The sound is very diverse, it just makes you ME, sassy and fierce. You will feel it all and I have a song for almost any mood – I want my fans to really get to know Nia Kay with this EP.

What was your state of mind before starting EP?
Just to be myself. Say what you want and do what you feel, no one can judge you in music. It’s your lane, so take control.

What do you want people to get out of it?
I want people to remember that life is good, so enjoy it, make mistakes and grow. Music is a root of happiness and that’s what I want to bring to all my peers: real brotherhood through music.

You said, “My mission is to add to the industry in a way that people see it as a change, because there are a lot of bulls in this industry right now. My goal is to stay true to myself, empower other girls and make a difference. “- Can you talk more about it?
There really is no limit in my rap. I talked and raped about diabetes, HIV, rape and other things. You don’t have to be physically going through these things to talk about them. Sometimes people just need that encouragement no matter where it’s from and I’m here to do it, and bring these things to light.