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Opera Philadelphia, Music: Not Impossible, Art-Reach presents “Resonant Philly”


Opera Philadelphia, in association with Music: Not Impossible and Art-Reach, will present “Resonant Philly” on May 21, 2022 at FringeArts in Philadelphia.

This presentation is designed to create a welcoming and comfortable art experience for people with autism and other disabilities, incorporating audio description by Nicole Sardella and American Sign Language by Hands Up Productions.

The event features opera performances, performed through sound and wearable technology Vibrotextila, developed and invented by Daniel Belquer and Not Impossible Labs, inspired by the deaf community and using vests, bracelets and anklets to translate the sound waves into vibrations felt through the skin.

“We have grown as an organization and as individuals, which is why Opera Philadelphia is looking to the future in participating and building with the community and we are working to become an inclusive organization where people feel welcome and have a sense of belonging that enables them to participate. entirely onsite,” Veronica Chapman-Smith, vice president of community initiatives for Opera Philadelphia, said in an official press release.

“Art-Reach is thrilled to partner with Opera Philadelphia and Music: Not Impossible for this groundbreaking introduction to wearable technology,” added Charlie Miller, Associate Director of Art-Reach.