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Roisin Murphy on her new album “slab of gold” and her acting debut at Glasto


Róisín Murphy spoke to NME behind the scenes at Glastonbury 2022, telling us what to expect from her upcoming headlining performance, new album and acting debut.

The former Moloko-turned-solo star headlined the West Holts stage last night (Saturday June 25), but was taking it easy on the spot ahead of her performance.

“I stood watching Larry David on the tour bus last night,” she said. NME. “I watched quite a few episodes of braked. I’m trying to save my energy for the big game tonight.

Bringing a touch of David to Worthy Farm, she continued: ‘I was hoping they’d have Mick Lynch here, you know – the trade unionist. You could have it on the pyramid stage.

Murphy was the last here to film her spectacular dance as part of last year Live on the dignified farm event broadcast live. Reflecting on what it was like to be on the festival site while audiences were kept at a distance due to lockdown restrictions, she said: ‘It was weird but brilliant. The production was amazing with the filming and the way it was all done, but it was weird because it was winter. It was even colder than now!

“We didn’t see anyone else and we shot our bits in isolation, but it was fun and I stayed in a fancy hotel – which I won’t this time!”

Roisin Murphy backstage at Glastonbury 2022. Credit: Parri Thomas for NME

Meanwhile, Murphy was also recently confirmed to star in the new Netflix series half bad – an adaptation of Sally Green’s trilogy of books, following 16-year-old Nathan, the illegitimate son of the world’s most feared witch.

“I play a witch, what my mother says is no exaggeration!” murphy said NME in Glasto. “It’s his way of being modest. It was interesting. I shot it and it comes out in the fall. My character is a glamorous witch called Mercury. She’s a real bitch.

After directing her own music videos and visuals, Murphy said she got into acting “out of curiosity”, adding, “Maybe I could do a movie someday, or maybe I could do more. of actor.”

Back to music, Murphy told us that work is “almost done” on the follow-up to his acclaimed 2020 album “Róisín Machine.”

“I’ve been working on and off for the past five years with DJ Koze on my next album,” she said. “It’s in the final stages now, I haven’t played it to anyone and I’m not signed. Now I’m just sending that gold plate and seeing how it goes from there .

She added: “It’s really good! If you put the two things together and add another 22.5% more expectation, you’re pretty close.

Roisin Murphy backstage at Glastonbury 2022. Credit: Parri Thomas for NME
Roisin Murphy backstage at Glastonbury 2022. Credit: Parri Thomas for NME

Focusing on his Glasto set, Murphy promised “lots of spice”.

“It’s really nice to do a long series of an hour and a half,” she says. “We don’t need to condense the energy too much. We have all the latitude to express ourselves.

“It’s full of songs to sing along to. ‘Familiar Feeling’, ‘Fun For Me’, ‘Forever More’, ‘Overpowered’, ‘Let Me Know’, plus the new songs fans know like ‘Something More’ and “Let Me Know” – it kicks off! It’s supposed to be a very happy set. I don’t always make it that easy for people; especially if I’ve just done an album.

She added: “I feel like I’m an artist who tests her audience as much as possible. I take it at what I think is the limit, and sometimes I overstep the limit. Now is not the time for that. Few doesn’t matter if I play Glastonbury or not, coming back to play these shows that have been postponed for two years, I just want to do a happy set – for me as much as for them.

And what will Róisín Murphy do after hours at Glastonbury once his set is over? “I’m going out, I’m going to go tonight,” she said. “I’m supposed to sleep in a yurt, but I don’t think that will happen. I’ll find a place to lay my head around 6 or 7 in the morning.

“All the old faces are out tonight so I’m probably going down to the old block 9. I’ll try to keep it pretty cool because I have a little pop-up show at NYC Downlow tomorrow.”

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