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Ryan Gosling made a Halloween album


Temperatures are dropping, leaves are changing, and pumpkin-flavored products are returning to grocery store shelves, which can only mean one thing: It’s time to listen to Ryan Gosling’s woefully underrated Halloween album. .

That’s right, seven years before The Earth introduced the world to his signature croon, Gosling recorded an entire album with his rock duo, Dead Man’s Bones, which, though overshadowed by his mega-successful acting career, is a hidden Halloween gem.

In October 2009, the two-man band, consisting of rising star Gosling, now 41, and his friend Zach Shields, released the bones of a dead manher self-titled debut — and only recording to date.

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The Notebook star – who has been presenting his musical chops since the age of 12 – and the now-horror producer combined their love of music with their fascination with the supernatural to create the 44-minute album, which Fork called “a truly unusual and surprising record”.

Like the old Mickey Mouse club The star’s own filmography, the haunting but endearing album is full of romance, death and thrills – or, in Gosling’s own words, “monsters and ghosts falling in love”.

To bring even the most undead songs on the “spooky doo-wop” record to life (like the Approved by Norman Reedus “My Body’s a Zombie for You”), Dead Man’s Bones brought in the Silver Lake Conservatory of Music Children’s Choir to sing the backing vocals.

Although the album went relatively under the radar — it didn’t hit any charts — Gosling fans may have unknowingly heard their favorite actor sing some of his creepy tunes. Several the bones of a dead man tracks have been featured on the soundtracks of projects like Conspiracy (“In the room where you sleep”) and Teen Wolf (“Lose Your Soul”).

Less than two weeks after the album’s October release, the band embarked on their first and only 13-city tour in the United States and Canada. At each stop, Dead Man’s Bones enlisted the help of a different children’s choir – provided they were wearing gruesome clothing and makeup, of course.

Rather than a conventional opening act, each show began with a “talent show” of carefully selected local acts. A behind-the-scenes documentary from the group’s New York show features a young Gosling still gently refusing a woman who wanted to perform what she called her “shitty opera.”

“A poop opera, although I’m a little surprised and it was the best thing I’ve heard all day, I’m not sure it goes with the mood,” the actor explained.

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In 2010, Gosling and Shields stopped by a slightly more unusual concert hall, an assisted living facility in Pasadena, Calif., to film a performance of their song “Pa Pa Power” — and dance with some of the residents of the town. ‘establishment.

The most recent video on the Dead Man’s Bones YouTube channel is the “Werewolf Heart” music video, uploaded in June 2011.

While Gosling is probably too busy perfecting his “Ken-ergy” to pick up where his musical career left off over a decade ago, the 13 tracks on the bones of a dead man are available to stream this spooky season.