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RZA Announces New Graphic Novel And Soundtrack Bobby Digital And The Pit Of Snakes, Shares New Single “We Push”


Ph. Owen Ela

RZA will pull his 1998 alter ego Bobby Digital into the present, resurrecting the character using a series of new releases. Coming July 22, 2022, RZA will share a graphic novel and soundtrack, both called RZA Presents: Bobby Digital and The Pit of Snakes. The first single from the soundtrack, “We Push”, was released on June 10, 2022. Both are already available for pre-order, the graphic novel here and the soundtrack here.

The graphic novel will be published through Z2 Comics. RZA says, “The Bobby Digital character getting his first official graphic novel debut is a long overdue achievement. Having grown up as an avid comic book reader, it’s an honor to add my creativity to this amazing storytelling platform. Z2 Comics understands that musical artists resonate in the world of comics and graphic novels and this relationship is destined to grow.

Listen to the song and view the accompanying visualizer here:

The viewer allows for a preview of what the graphic novel will entail, bringing to life a variety of still images drawn in a comic book style. The video shows a Bobby Digital wearing a yellow mask in a predominantly black and white world facing his enemies. His powers and actions are accompanied by traditional comic book onomatopoeia: “kra-ka doom” and “k-sh!” make appearances in the viewer.

The song describes a perseverance shown by those who start from scratch and rise to the top. In the chorus, RZA says, “Take it to me/The Shaolin MC/We get all the money/But we get no sleep/We push.

He also describes the juxtaposed ugliness and glamor found in success: “I kept AKs in my trunk / Diamond chips in the front / Crack capsules in my jaw / My face looked like the mumps/Icy ties on the neck.” Still on deck, he said, “You respect the way we post / Brother Rae kept a closet full of Air Force 1s / How’s it feel to have everything you want? / Except the thing you really want / We grew up to be kings / They thought we’d only be pawns.

He concludes the song by insisting that all is not what it seems, that fame and success are far more imperfect than they claim: “Not everything you see is what you see/There’s more to the story/That shit ain’t easy.

RZA Presents: Bobby Digital and The Pit of Snakes rapidly follows RZA Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theateran album product by DJ Scratch released on March 4, 2022.

Photo credit: Owen Ela