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Sara Mironovich from her new album “Northeast”: Who, Where, When, Why


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I Growing up on a farm in the Mohawk Valley, upstate New York, I was fascinated by violins for as long as I can remember. Music was still playing on the radio, and records and cassettes played on the stereo. Most were old country, folk, bluegrass, and other traditional musical styles. Maternal grandparents were involved in the local bluegrass and ancient music scene. When I was young, I participated in many concerts and jam sessions hosted by them.

They gave me the first violin at the age of four, and I learned both classical violin and violin style and started my band at the age of nine. I picked up my guitar and started writing songs as a teenager, but until I was twenty I wasn’t sure if I would release anything as a singer-songwriter. (It was probably a good thing, as I had toured quite a bit in the country and abroad before. There were some real stories that I wouldn’t have had before.)

I’m still a big supporter of traditional music, especially New York style and violin songs (yes, we have our own violin tradition!), But telling stories through good songs is, today , especially my new album “Northeast”.

Inspired by the abilities of songwriters like Willie, Merle, Emiloo, Dolly, Chris, John Prine (and many more), I tell stories of people, places and times they are in. I go. Inspired by the creative melting pot, I was fortunate enough to spend time in New York’s incredibly diverse music scene. Such places have taught us a lot about the fertile environment that presents itself whenever we bring together many very creative minds under pressure. Like beautiful metamorphic rocks, you will get the most amazing art, connections, and experiences. But the images and experiences that are deeply rooted in me are the ones I grew up in, the blue collar workers and the countryside, and I think these are the best stories I can tell.

WHO: my name is Sara mironovich, And I’m an alternative singer-songwriter and violinist from upstate New York.

what: My new album, Northeast.

when: June 25, 2021

Or: You can use it anywhere you can get music!

Why: I grew up in country, bluegrass, and other types of traditional music and have always been inspired by how good songs can tell the story of the place and the people there. It has always been a wonderful song feature for me to evoke a sense of place, time and human experience. When I started to explore my experience as a songwriter, I realized how many of these great songs were in the south or the west. I’ve noticed that the Northeast shares the same blue collar experience as the rest of the world: devastated cities, abandoned farms, rural poverty, drug addiction, broken hearts, resilience and hope. It’s getting colder and colder, except that happens too! Inspired by the signs on the shipping docks of the abandoned factory in my hometown, I wanted to write an alternative record in the Northeast that shares some of these stories.

List of tracks:

  1. The last time everything
  2. Laurent, Kansas
  3. Valentine’s day
  4. Suburban queen
  5. The sun comes on the hill
  6. 87 North
  7. Electric body
  8. Two dollar town
  9. Strange domination
  10. Northeast

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Sara Mironovich from her new album “Northeast”: Who, Where, When, Why