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Shinedown plays sold-out Moore Theater

Michael Baltierra Shinedown at the Moore Theater (Photo: Mike Baltierra)

Jacksonville, Fla.-based rock band Shinedown played theaters and smaller venues on the West Coast of their tour. They brought their exceptional showmanship to the Moore Theater in Seattle. The venue sold out soon after tickets went on sale, and the band’s fans were out early and in full force.

The band brought their usual full arena production with them and somehow they were able to get the pyrotechnics, large LCD screens and lighting they were known for during their career.

The band are a well-oiled machine and that night they were at the top of their game from start to finish with their 100-minute set which covered their biggest hits and some deep cuts, plus the performance of their latest single. , “Planet Zero”.

The band, consisting of Brent Smith (vocals), Zach Myers (guitar), Eric Bass (bass guitar) and Barry Kerch (drums), continues to improve over time and this night was no exception. Shinedown opened their set with “Cut The Cord” before moving on to “Unity”. The band then returned to their debut album for “Fly From The Inside”, which featured a large amount of flashing strobes and bright lights that illuminated the entire theater.

Smith asked the crowd to look at the person to their right and left, then say hello, clap or shake hands, and live and enjoy the moment. He also explained that the evening was all about rock and roll, that rock and roll is a way of life and that we were there to enjoy life as one big rock and roll family.

The band literally set fires during “If You Only Knew” and “Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom),” as there were numerous concussion bombs and large flames.

The group then played their latest single “Planet Zero”, which received a great response. This is the title track from their upcoming album which will be released on April 22, 2022.

The group closed their performance with three of their most popular songs, which had everyone singing along. “Second Chance,” a cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man” and fan-favorite “Sound of Madness.”

It’s been a few years since Shinedown performed in the Seattle area, and the band have promised they’ll be back soon.

Taking the stage with no introduction or fanfare, Seattle’s Ayron Jones kicked off the night with their raunchy “Boys From The Puget Sound” and performed their other singles “Supercharged” and “Mercy.” Ayron Jones also performed Nirvana’s “Breed” which fired up the crowd. Jones didn’t say much between songs, but he let the music do the talking and won over new fans.

List of shiny sets
Cut the rope
Fly from within
State of my head
If only you knew
Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)
Planet Zero
I will follow you
How do you like
Get up
Second chance
simple man
sound of madness