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Shiye Prepares To Impress True Music Lovers With Her New Album “Gotham”


Bosnian music artist and producer Shiye has been working on his upcoming album, Gotham. This artist has garnered a lot of attention because he’s not afraid to push boundaries and create raw music. For him, a great album doesn’t have to be number one on the charts. It must have real lyrics that tell a story from the artist.

Every song Shiye has written for this new album is a true expression of the artist. With this album, he breaks down the walls and shows more of his true emotions. He’s not afraid to sink into some Gotham tunes and show his fans another side of his music.

Shiye’s Anticipated New Album “Gotham” Features Real Music Lyrics

One thing that sets Shiye apart from other artists in the industry is that he is more driven to write that expresses his talent than to get it on the charts. It doesn’t really matter to this artist how often his songs are played on popular radio stations.

He is interested in telling a story through his music and giving his audience a glimpse into his mind. While Shiye loves how uplifting a catchy song can be, he appreciates the importance of using music to express himself. Every song this artist releases is a story he wants to tell.

Shiye has always said that music shouldn’t be a financial drain. That’s why he approaches his lyrics and instrumentals very precisely. However, it is not limited to just one type of sound. Shiye has a range of different tracks on this album, from dark and emotional tracks to fun club bangers. People can prepare to hear many sides of him with this album.

New team, new sound

When planning songs for Gotham, Shiye had a very specific vision. He was fortunate to partner with a great professional team that was able to help him achieve this vision. This team helped him push the boundaries and create an album that will take his career to the next level.

This Bosnian artist has already released two studio albums, Silhouette and Equinox. His music has reached people all over the world, with fans in several countries elated by Gotham’s release.

For more information on the release of this album, follow Shiye on https://instagram.com/djshiye

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