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It’s been a decade since james bond visited the Royal Albert Hall on his way to Skyfall. The Academy Award-winning film is finally back after premiering a decade ago for their Films in Concert series. Accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Anthony Gabriele, celestial fall is part of the Bond franchise’s 60th anniversary celebrations.

As fans gathered to watch Daniel Craig investigate a series of leaks of confidential data from Javier Bardemderanged cyber villain they were in for a treat when the director Sam Mendes introduced screening. He fondly recalls his relationship with the “Crazy circus that’s the Bond franchise”, explaining how he got there.

It turns out that one of Hugh JackmanBond’s infamous birthday parties and a drunken bid by Bond himself were to blame. Mendes went on to direct two of the most successful and profitable blockbusters, celestial fall and its sequel Spectrum. “It’s extremely humbling to see you all here – and it’s a full house! – after ten years,” he concluded before Gabriele summoned his musicians for the opening.

It is remarkable as permeating Thomas Newmanthe score is. This becomes evident in such a context, where the music is in the spotlight as it comes alive in a dazzling way. The Bond theme is sprinkled liberally to create a recognizable, eclectic sound that tips its hat to the classic genre and maintains a fresh, appealing melody.

The soundtrack accompanies the film from the start, announcing Craig’s silhouette with a thunderous welcome. He’s unmistakably big and imposing, leading all the action scenes as well as much of the exposition to the point that his absence burns a hole in the narrative.

Dramatic horns and strings, rhythmic percussion and delicate violins follow Bond from the rooftops of Istanbul to his childhood home in the Scottish Highlands as Silva pursues with a vengeance Judi Dench‘s Mr. Score is bold, unsubtle, suave – much like Britain’s favorite double-0 agent. It is another success for the Royal Albert Hall.

The celebrations continue with Specter on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 November.