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Smart Casual: a five-star musical performance by Oxford University students


Smart Casual is an entertaining musical that takes you on the roller coaster journey of the relationship between six friends with the perfect balance of humor and heartbreak.

Created by GOYA Theater in collaboration with the North Wall Arts Center, this well-written and intelligently performed musical is written, directed and performed by students at the University of Oxford.

In just under two hours, the performance beautifully captures the journey of six recently graduated friends, trying to find their marks for 18 months and exploring their lives through sex, class and loneliness.

Each character is relatable and will resonate with today’s audience, letting you try to place the characters as one of your friends.

Mel (played by Darcy Dixon) is the heart of the group, Jordan (played by Jamie Murphy) looks cocky but just tries to fit in, Ben (played by Henry Waddon) loves hoodies too much, Lily (played by Ellie Cooper) is driven and successful, Marc (played by William Foxton) is funny and over the top, and Willow (played by Grace De Souza) wants to travel the world.

The musical captures the intricacies of Generation Z; especially loneliness in a comedic but tragic way, with each member of the cast doing a fantastic job of getting you invested in their character’s story.

Oxford Mail:

The musical score is catchy and well performed, with each song adding to the story.

Writer and director Sam Woof said, “The songs are an integral part of the play, advance the story and provide insight into the inner workings of the characters and their psychologies.

“The score is strongly inspired by jazz and pop, which, combined with a classical approach, have created a sound that is both accessible and ambitious.

“I want to thank the wonderful team at The North Wall, the production team at Theater GOYA, as well as the phenomenal cast and band, for bringing Smart Casual: A New Musical to life this summer.”

Guaranteed to make you laugh, I would definitely recommend watching this musical with your friends.