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Sugababes Want Leaked MKS Album to Get Official Release E! News UK


The Sugababes want to officially release their leaked MKS album someday.

The ‘About You Now’ trio – made up of original members Mutya Buena, Keisha Buchanan and Siobhan Donaghy – reformed in 2012 as MKS after being barred from using the band name they came up with in 1998 , and went through a tough time when a planned record was leaked.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column, Siobhan claimed: ‘Some people would say it was sabotage.

Admitting the band would love to release the songs one day, she added, “It’s some of our best work. The list of songs we like for it, I think, is just banger after banger, c really is.”

Now they feel stronger than ever after reclaiming the rights to the Sugababes moniker, saying there were ‘people who got in their way’.

Keisha said: “So we went with the name MKS because of the obstruction.

“It was unfair because when it happens and you can’t explain to the masses, it falls on us and then the people who obstruct, they run away at sunset.

“We just had bigger balls. We were like, ‘We’re women in this industry, we’re going to stand up for ourselves and fight.’ We didn’t want to let our fans down.”

Now, the group wants to release more music in the future, with some big name collaborations in mind.

Keisha reflected, “Writing and trying to be creative takes time – even if we say that and when we get into the studio, it’s fast.

“We’re trying to put everything together. We’re just coming out of COVID and stuff, so we’re hopeful.

“The ones we would really like to work with are Mark Ronson, Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams and Burna Boy. Those are our four.”